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My goals essay esl

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Brit Hume: Eric Holder Is A Crybaby Who Has Benefited Enormously From Being Black. On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume was discussing remarks made by Attorney General Eric Holder last week, in which he, like the President has before him, suggested that his race has caused him to be the my goals esl object of inordinate scrutiny and criticism. A claim that Hume finds to completely opposite of the facts. This has become such a tired refrain under the Obama administration. Nobody has ever treated the decision President with such disrespect. Nobody has ever treated the Attorney General with such disrespect. Nobody has ever #8230; yawn.

It#8217;s patently, demonstrably, provably, historically false. Esl. Just made up out of whole cloth strictly to innoculate this President and his appointees from criticism, and essays, is just one more weapon in Obama#8217;s arsenal of tools for silencing speech and oppressing freedom of the press. CHRIS WALLACE: Attorney General Eric Holder complaining about treatment of him and also the president after another testy exchange with House Republicans on Capitol Hill. And we#8217;re back now with the panel. Well, Attorney General Holder said the Obama administration has faced, his words, #8220;unprecedented, ugly opposition#8221; and speaking to Al Sharpton#8217;s National Action Network, he clearly implied it#8217;s because of race. Brit, does he have a point? BRIT HUME: I don#8217;t think so. And I think, you know, first of all, it#8217;s false that no attorney general and essay, no president have been subjected to this kind of treatment. After all, Bill Clinton was impeached.

Think about decision that for a moment. John Mitchell went to jail. I mean the list is long of attorneys general and other officials who have been subjected to some very rough treatment on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. And this strikes me as kind of crybaby stuff from essay, Holder. My sense of dickens a collection, that this is that both Eric Holder and my goals, Barack Obama have benefited politically enormously from the fact that they are African-American and the first to hold the essays jobs that they hold.

And this, I don#8217;t know if he#8217;s specifically meant race or not. I suspect perhaps he did. But to those two men, race has been both a shield and a sword that they have used effectively to my goals essay esl defend themselves and to attack others. And I think it is depressing at this stage in our national life after all we#8217;ve been through on this issue and given the overwhelming consensus on the issue of civil rights that this kind of stuff is still going on. When I see our Attorney General and President giving speeches in front of that #8220;No Justice No Peace#8221; motto, it just burns me up. Difficult. Obama knew from my goals essay esl, #8220;day one#8221; he and any of his appointees could get away with murder because they could pull the race card when needed. They have done so repeatedly and after 5+ years, it#8217;s really old. Eric Holder is a national disgrace! First of all who is he to threaten a sitting member of Congress? Secondly. he is homework, ignoring the Constitution which says there are 3 #8220;equal#8221; co branches of govt. Thirdly, since he#8217;s already been held in contempt a little more humility on his part is in order.

The white men who died to give black people freedom didn#8217;t whine. My Goals Esl. Great post. Short, Sweet, to the Point. Excellent. Thank you! If I am reading your handle correctly and on parents, you are a military vet, thank you for your service. Well here we are with a black white President and black supreme Attorney General given so much slack because of esl, their color and still whine like little boys.

Disgraceful. What is unprecedented ricky, is the level to essay criminal justice which you and your baitin#8217; buddy sink to pander to criminal elements in the U. Essay. S. Should Be Abolished. and to stick your finger in the eye of law abiding citizens. My Goals Essay Esl. We really are the #8216;good#8217; guys #8216;mr.#8217; whiner, but for some strange reason you treat us like criminals while embracing the destruction of America society. Difficult. Just because you#8217;re black, does NOT excuse you to whine about how rough it is my goals, out there. Civil rights does NOT mean you can abuse the power or the office that you are elected to! Racism is a cop-out for every little issues from A to Z and the American people are getting TIRED of it.

ENOUGH. Jackie Robinson didn#8217;t whine like these two little biatches, he just kept focused and played to win and he did win. #8230;and a great baseball player he was. But i still say he was out when he tried to steal home#8230;Yogi was the catcher in that game. Good Statements For A. I can#8217;t argue with a real baseball fan. You#8217;re right. You have to my goals essay be black and liberal to use that excuse. Funnily enough, it would seem some #8220;minorities#8221; are more equal than others. I#8217;m mixed race, Romanian and Native American, and yet I don#8217;t blame #8220;whitey#8221; for good statements for a separate, all my problems. Wonder why? Love Brit Hume and am happy to see him having more of a presence at my goals, Fox again.

This administration refuses to see that none of statements for a separate, this is racial, it#8217;s all about values, or lack of same, where they#8217;re concerned. It#8217;s their politics we abhor, not the color of their thin skin! He and essay esl, the #8220;LUSH in chief#8221; are the results of 50 years of Affirmative In-Action rewards program. How Do Off A. Look around#8230;1/2 of America is AT LEAST 50% (D)umber than it was in 1964. Typical (D)em-wit #8220;touchie/feelie#8221; (D)ISASTER#8230;100% FAIL with 150% CASH BURN RATE. And now we have the #8220;Hoax and my goals essay esl, Chains#8221; thingy..OH THE JOY. I tip my hat to essay Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Thanks to them, no politician or public official will EVER again be able to use the essay esl race card as a tool to suppress free speech and justice in America. Should Be Abolished. Cry wolf all you want, Holder.

Your day is coming where you have to pay the piper for my goals essay, all you and Barry have done to this country and I suspect on that day you will be whining aplenty, I#8217;m sure of on parents, that. My Goals Esl. Hold on there. Don#8217;t you think that the first 100% black Democrat president will be able to claim that distinction? He#8217;ll be able to minimize Obama and say wasn#8217;t a true black. I know they are counting on Hillary so they can say that conservative men and women are chauvinist pigs for eight years!

I#8217;m just saying they cried #8216;racist#8217; so much that no one will EVER be able to do that again. As to the first Black President, I agree Obama is only 50% Black. If Hillary gets elected (over my dead vote), she should be able to claim the other half, since Bill was really our first Black President and should, she steals everything she gets her hands on. But ANYBODY who screams #8216;racist#8217; at me these days just gets a chuckle and esl, a #8220;You Betcha#8221;. There#8217;s the problem. Essay Justice. All those (D)ead votes might help her steal the #8217;16 election. Essay Esl. Worked for barky#8230; Maybe we should bring in Van Helsing to off a comparison essay put a stake in my goals the heats of the vampire voters who keep rising from their coffins and voting?

He#8217;s an expert at the sort of thing, after all. #8220;Brit Hume: Eric Holder Is A Crybaby Who Has Benefited Enormously From Being Black#8221; And that#8217;s a FACT! Brit is correct, it#8217;s like when the t.v goes off, only on parents snow, you get the message #8220;normal transmission will resume soon#8221; America is in that void, waiting for my goals, the second Black President (Bill was the first) term to end so it can get back to normal transmission . If Holder looked anything like Scooter Libby he too would be in criminal prison only for a lot longer. I can#8217;t believe that being politically is so important. Five years of the my goals essay esl race card is five too many. Why are we putting up with this?

Why haven#8217;t most Republicans and Conservative media types fought back? It#8217;s bullying, pure and difficult essay, simple and shame on us for allowing it to happen. It will continue if we don#8217;t stop it. It is probably too late to start now. Holder has only one card in his pathetic hand, and he feels that he must whip-out the ol#8217; race card for everyone to see and to esl help explain why he has failed so miserably in good statements for a peace his job as AG. I#8217;m not buying that excuse. Calling him a cry-baby condones the fact that he is a CRIMINAL. Essay. It#8217;s time somebody said it on a news show. Listen to Mark Levin, your wish is already being granted. Just when I had I thought Brit Hume had lost all credibility, he goes and totally redeems himself. Comparison Essay. He and Kirsten Powers must compare notes#8230; Brit Hume is spot on!

There have been times he#8217;s missed the mark#8230;but I have to! Not tonight! Oh, Holder and Obama, those poor (filthy rich) Negro #8216;victims#8217;. How do they survive the slings and arrows of adversity. Essay. #128521; #128521; Using race as both a shield and a sword. Perfectly stated. Britt can really turn a phrase from time to difficult time.

Regardless of their color, they are leftists first, and leftists can only win by quieting their opposition. Essay Esl. If they tried to be honest about any of their intentions or their agenda they would be run out of DC. There is no attack against their opposition that is too petty that couldn#8217;t be made into a life or death situation to gain sympathy from their useful idiots. I agree, #8216;goon. But the fact is that if #8220;they#8221; were of the same skin color as everyone else, #8220;they#8221; would be of you start, little use to the left and #8220;they#8221; would still hold the same social position as their great-grandparents. But the tragedy is that #8220;blacks#8221; are manipulated by strings attached at my goals, birth, protected and nurtured by fearful, ignorant parents . If the leftists did not have access to ready-formed #8220;strings,#8221; leftists would have already located some other hapless, stultified minority, moral or economic, to dangle like raw meat at the tips of statements peace, their spears. Africans of American heritage are simply the most convenient, and easiest co-opted, bait for the foul, liberty hating socialist.

To bad for black America, but it couldn#8217;t have happened to a nicer group. Essay Esl. As has been said many times before and not just by should me, words don#8217;t fail you at all! Always good to hear from you. Actually, there ARE blacks that work their ass off, are churchgoers, and don#8217;t take a dime of welfare. Do what you can to defend and encourage them against the racists who will try to use #8220;Oreo#8221; and my goals esl, #8220;Uncle Tom#8221; to guilt them into going onto the liberal plantation. If any ONE of these criminal demwits ever had so much as a passing thought of dickens essays, being honest, even for my goals esl, a moment. Essays. they#8217;d burst into my goals esl flames like any other blood-sucker in difficult the sunlight. An entire black population couldn#8217;t have helped Holder#8217;s less than poor performance.

The fact that we#8217;re not all black, provides Holder with an excuse, a poor one. And Barry was elected twice because he was black! Tell me again about essay racism! Nobody else will say it#8230;.Well here goes#8230;.Holder and obama are playing their game of dickens a collection of critical essays, #8220;stick it to Whitey#8221;. Sharpton and Jackson play it also. Esl. It is just that simple. If Whitey fight back then Whitey gets called a Racist.

It has been that way for how do you start off a, years but these Politicians have brought it to my goals essay esl a New Level. Homework Should Be Abolished. Nothing more, nothing less. Plain and Simple. It has gotten to the point that I would be proud to be called a racist. My Goals Essay Esl. The term#8217;s meaning has gone way past that of someone who has prejudices against a particular race and now has taken on the meaning of someone who is on parents, a target of liberal race baiting extortion. Let me share something with you that I figured out a long time ago. Everybody is my goals essay esl, a Racist.

When I say that take into consideration my meaning#8230;..when it comes down to the pushing ans shoving of you start comparison essay, daily life and the going gets tuff#8230;WHO do you rely on#8230;..YOUR own PEOPLE. Whether it be your nuclear family, extended family, your neighbors, your neighborhood, your section of town, your town, your county, your state, your Country#8230;and I can go on and on. When I travel to a larger city and I see a group of people standing on the street cutting up and such#8230;.do I walk through them#8230;no indeed#8230;.I cross the street and get away from them. Everybody does it for the most part#8230;#8230;everyday in life we do little things that point to my goals this and we think nothing of difficult, it. Do I treat people that are different than me with disrespect? NO.

But a lot of people do not either. Esl. But I am not talking about up close and personal#8230;.I am talking about the crowd in general. A lot of people will disagree with me but I have seen this done my entire life and on parents, I am no spring chicken. Thanks for listening and my goals essay, I do wish you and essay, yours many Blessings. Dogs hang with dogs; giraffes with giraffes; foxes with foxes; Catholics with Catholics; Baptists with Baptists; Jewish with Jewish, sports enthusiasts with sports enthusiasts; iron workers with iron workers; conservatives with conservatives#8230; like-mindedness and what makes us comfortable does not a racist make. Good post Poptoy.

How much wealth, effort and my goals, time has been sacrificed to the underprivileged since the Civil Rights Act of 1964? How many careers have been sacrificed, delayed or dismantled by essay the last-minute playing of the race card in employment, education and entitlement? Investing in the underprivileged has been no more profitable than the Obamerrhiod#8217;s investments in esl green energy, electric cars and wind mills. When will it be enough? There certainly will never be enough #8220;free stuff#8217; to calm the thesis separate peace bitter hearts of the underprivileged. You#8217;d do well to go the you tube a view what Dr. James David Manning (a black, conservative minister) had to say about esl how worse-off blacks are because of that legislation.

Funny, I was probably the last one to figure this out. Tks Al. Thanks for making this available, Caleb. It is time this issue is exposed for what it is: a political roadblock#8217;. Ask Brian Terry what he thinks of Holder. Oh wait #8230; we can#8217;t. Be Abolished. I#8217;m sure his family has some choice words for the incompetent racist murderer. Holder gives Black People a bad name. And barky, being multi-racial, gives EVERY honest, God loving American a bad name virtually world wide. Lyin#8217; P.O.S. Hey, Eric, yer what hurts?

As usual its got nothing to do with race. Holder is my goals essay esl, a disgrace as AG. There have been worse though. Janet Reno comes to be abolished mind. My Goals. First making her head turning appearance in essay justice the #8220;Satan in daycares#8221; madness of the 80#8217;s where she had people incarcerated for essay, not being pigeons on the insanity of it all. All told 5000 people spent up to 1-5 years without a trail while police agencies dug under these day cares. They never found one scrap of evidence.

The irony of it all is the difficult decision essay most vehement people who spoke out about this being nuts where evangelical Christians. Than came Ruby Ridge with Waco. She grandstanded the death of children. Lets not forget the Cuban kid either . The picture of the fisherman with a gun in his face. In the closet. My Goals Esl. please help the difficult decision terry family. The Obama administration is the only reason that no female or minority will ever hold that office again.Even if you vote for a female or minority and disagree with them down the road,you will be labeled a woman hater or a racist and you have no legs to stand on because you are judged a bigot and you don#8217;t count and you lose your voice.Only white men should hold that office because otherwise you put yourself in a no win situation.You can call a white man anything under the essay sun and it will not raise an should eyebrow.but mention the word she or they and you are headed to the gallows. Essay. I do not hate or dislike African-Americans. Be Abolished. That said, I DO hate being unfairly labeled a bigot because I#8217;m white. Not only essay esl that, I don#8217;t like or dislike someone because of their color.

Yes, poor baby. The hardest thing about being black is to not being screwed-over and owned by difficult decision essay your own people, the ones that love to suck the social, moral, and political worth out of my goals essay, youthe ones that, black and conservative minister, Dr. James David Manning refers to essay as #8220;pinched-nosed Negros.#8221; Kinda like Juan Williams. Get #8217;em, Brit! seems these days the first refuge of a scoundrel is racism. Spot on. It#8217;s the most transparent part of this administration. My Goals Essay. Little boy black go blow your horn elsewhere.

I am sick of hearing all this race and criminal justice, persecution crap. btw#8230; I read a cool story about Twain and Tesla. I will see if I can resurrect the link for you. Oh yeah, they were pals. Twain was into cutting edge technology and my goals, unfortunately lost his fortune investing in a printing process that didn#8217;t make it. I#8217;d like to read that if you can find it, thanks. We will, within the year I predict, stop teaching our children about the dangers of prevarication by using the fable #8220;The Boy Who ried Wolf#8221; and switch to #8220;The Democrat Who Cried Racism#8221;. Holder is a paste-eating, treasonous, cowardly, race-baiting, panty-wearing crook. Jail him.

Don#8217;t hold back, Fox. Be Abolished. Tell us how you really feel. Watch out Brit. I suspect you will be audited soon. If he were white, he#8217;d be in prison! I believe John Mitchell would agree.

In just a few words, Brit has clearly described Holder and my goals essay, Obama. Holder must have never heard of John Mitchell, Edward Meese, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales. Former GOP AG#8217;s who were given much more harsher treatment than Holder. Holder is such a crybaby that he couldn#8217;t take the should abuse that these former AG#8217;s took and my goals essay, they did it without moaning and groaning as Holder as done since he has held that position. Lets not forget the essays treatment that George W. Bush received from the democrats. Victim mentality on full display. In the end VM is esl, meant to essay criminal control the agenda and the story. Easy way to essay deflect and sets a terrible example for our children. #8220;He did it! Mom!#8221; I can just hear it now.

Bill Clinton gave kids license through his actions and good, associated denials. My Goals Essay Esl. Barrack Hussein and justice, Holder are bringing a new victim and esl, racist mentality to bear through their actions and denials. Essays On Parents. Kids pick up on this stuff and O and H have done more to reverse equality between the races than they#8217;ve helped. What a sorry example to set in the greatest nation and for our children. Remember who Holder#8217;s audience was.

This was at Sharpton race rally. This is what the audience wanted to hear. Nothing is Holder#8217;s fault and it#8217;s all because of my goals essay, racism. Congress could have pictures of him with a bloody knife and it would still be #8220;racist. #8221;. Decision. The real racists are those that believe his crap. Based on the saying that people resemble their pets or vice-versa, it would be interesting to see if Holder has a 3-toed sloth at home.

Why doesn#8217;t Obama fire Holder? Because he knows where the bodies are buried. My Goals Essay Esl. Possibly because Holder and his goons buried them#8230;. That#8217;s right. Good Statements For A. The People#8217;s Democratic Liberation Party will be an atheist party within ten years. Holder, and Obama, should be impeached. Why won#8217;t they?

Because it would be seen as racist. the SCM. The man is under investigation for four scandals and he thinks he#8217;s being picked on?? It isn#8217;t color that makes him a crook, it#8217;s his mentality. Essay. Going to Sharpton to difficult decision essay whine is my goals essay esl, fitting. Until the white liberals are ready to stop using race as a weapon you will continue to see their lap dogs using this tactic. Frankly its a national disgrace and a slap in the face of those who have suffered legitimate discrimination and racial prejudice. Holder is a proven liar and deserves to be called on it. To try and play the victim of racial prejudice only demonstrates further his utter lack of integrity . I pray that one day soon these people are brought to trial in essay criminal justice full view of the my goals esl american public for their treason. Statements For A Separate. Only then can faith be restored in the once great institutions of this nation. Brit Hume was correct in labeling Holder as African American, but I am not sure that #8216;American#8217; part of the label truly applies to Obama.

American doesn#8217;t apply to either one. These two are polar opposites of essay esl, what true Americans in government are suppose to essay justice look like. Not exactly what the founders had in mind. Holder looks more white than black. My Goals Esl. No one would even know he#8217;s black if he wasn#8217;t constantly telling everyone. While Barry may be #8220;black#8221; (kinda), he#8217;s NOT African-American. Great to statements separate see Hume grow a pair and call these bums out. Holder AND obozo are both babies,, crying racist every other word,actually obozo is ONLY 7 % black,(don#8217;t tell the voters though) 43% ARAB,and 50% white,(but,if my mom was like his mom,I wouldn#8217;t tell anything about her either) #8230;#8230;#8230;#8230;#8230; Does holder want to see racism here . Those of the liberty school understand that voluntary associations of my goals esl, free men are capable of dickens a collection, far more than detached central planners. Since liberty was not designed, but discovered, its benefits were mostly unknown until recognized and studied.

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Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency. “We’re going to have to esl, redesign the social compact,” Obama said. “And I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact.” Inside a stunned White House, the President considers his legacy and America’s future. “We’re going to have to redesign the social compact,” Obama said. “And I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact.” The morning after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Barack Obama summoned staff members to the Oval Office. Some were fairly junior and had never been in difficult essay the room before. Essay. They were sombre, hollowed out, some fighting tears, humiliated by should be abolished the defeat, fearful of autocracy’s moving vans pulling up to essay esl, the door. Although Obama and his people admit that the election results caught them completely by a collection surprise—“We had no plan for this,” one told me—the President sought to be reassuring. “This is not the apocalypse,” Obama said. History does not move in my goals esl straight lines; sometimes it goes sideways, sometimes it goes backward. A couple of days later, when I asked the President about that consolation, he offered this: “I don’t believe in apocalyptic—until the apocalypse comes.

I think nothing is the end of the world until the end of the world.” Obama’s insistence on hope felt more willed than audacious. It spoke to good thesis statements separate, the civic duty he felt to prevent despair not only among the young people in the West Wing but also among countless Americans across the essay esl country. Essay. At the White House, as elsewhere, dread and essay, dejection were compounded by shock. Dickens A Collection Of Critical. Administration officials recalled the collective sense of essay esl, confidence about the election that had persisted for on parents, many months, the sense of balloons and confetti waiting to be released. Last January, on the eve of his final State of the Union address, Obama submitted to a breezy walk-and-talk interview in the White House with the “Today” show.

Wry and my goals essay, self-possessed, he told Matt Lauer that no matter what happened in the election he was sure that “the overwhelming majority” of Americans would never submit to Donald Trump’s appeals to their fears, that they would see through his “simplistic solutions and scapegoating.” “So when you stand and deliver that State of the Union address,” Lauer said, “in no part of your mind and brain can you imagine Donald Trump standing up one day and delivering the State of the Union address?” Obama chuckled. “Well,” he said, “I can imagine it in a ‘Saturday Night’ skit.” Obama’s mockery of dickens a collection, Trump began as early as the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, largely as the result of my goals esl, Trump’s support of the essays “birther” conspiracy theory, which claims that Obama was born in Africa and so impugns the legitimacy of his office. Into the final stretch of this year’s campaign, moments of serene assurance were plentiful. Essay Esl. A few weeks before the election, Obama went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and performed a routine in essay which he read one insulting tweet directed at him after another. Finally, he read one off his phone from the Republican candidate: “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States! @realDonaldTrump.” A short, cool pause, then Obama delivered the zinger: “Well, @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a President.” And then, like a rapper dropping the mike, Obama held out his phone and let it fall to the floor. For tens of millions of Americans, Trump was unthinkable as President. It came to be conceded that he had “tuned into something”: the essay frequencies of white rural life, the disaffection of people who felt overwhelmed by the forces of globalization, who felt unheard and condescended to by the coastal establishment. Justice. Yet Trump himself, by liberal consensus, was a huckster mogul of the social-media age, selling magic potions laced with poison. How could he possibly win?

Still, his triumph, or the idea of it, was not beyond prediction. The fissures and frustrations in the American electorate were nothing new, and some commentators were notably alert to my goals, them. Before and essay justice, after the election, a passage from Richard Rorty’s 1998 book, “Achieving Our Country,” circulated on my goals essay esl, social media. Rorty, a left-leaning philosopher, who died in essay 2007, predicted that the neglected working class would not tolerate its marginalization for essay esl, long. “Something will crack,” he wrote: The nonsuburban electorate will decide that the system has failed and you start comparison essay, start looking around for my goals essay, a strongman to vote for—someone willing to assure them that, once he is elected, the smug bureaucrats, tricky lawyers, overpaid bond salesmen, and postmodernist professors will no longer be calling the essay criminal justice shots. . . . One thing that is very likely to happen is that the gains made in the past forty years by black and brown Americans, and by essay homosexuals, will be wiped out. Good For A Separate Peace. Jocular contempt for essay, women will come back into fashion. . . . On Parents. All the resentment which badly educated Americans feel about having their manners dictated to them by essay esl college graduates will find an outlet. A man of inherited fortune and a stint at the Wharton School was an unlikely champion of the rural South and the Rust Belt—this was no Huey Long—but Trump was shrewd enough to perform his fellow-feeling in homework should blunt terms. “I love the poorly educated!” he told the crowd after winning the Nevada caucus. “We’re the smartest people, we’re the esl most loyal people!” When I joined Obama on a campaign trip to North Carolina just four days before the election, Hillary Clinton was hanging on statements separate, to a lead in nearly every poll. Surely, the professionals said, her “firewall” would hold and provide a comfortable victory. My Goals Essay. David Plouffe, who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, said that Clinton was a “one hundred per cent” lock and advised nervous Democrats to stop “wetting the bed.” In battleground states, particularly where it was crucial to get out the African-American vote, Obama was giving one blistering campaign speech after another.

“I’m having fun,” he told me. But, thanks in part to James Comey, the F.B.I. director, and his letter to Congress announcing that he would investigate Clinton’s e-mails again, the race tightened considerably in how do you start its final week. When Obama wandered down the my goals aisle of Air Force One, I asked him, “Do you feel confident about homework be abolished Tuesday?” But then, in Obamian fashion, he delved into a methodical discussion of polling models and, finally, landed on a more tempered and upbeat version of “nope.” He was “cautiously optimistic.” There were reasons to be so. His Presidency, after all, had seemed poised for a satisfying close. As recently as early 2015, the Obama Administration had been in a funk.

He had underestimated ISIS ; Putin had annexed Crimea; Syria was a catastrophe. His relations with the my goals essay esl Republicans in Congress, especially since the crushing 2014 midterms, were at an impasse. Then, in statements for a a single week in June, 2015: the Supreme Court ended years of my goals esl, legal assaults on Obamacare; the essays Court ruled in favor of my goals essay, marriage equality; and, at a funeral following the murder of nine congregants at homework be abolished, a black church in Charleston, Obama gave a speech that captivated much of the country. Essay Esl. Rather than focus on the race war that the killer had hoped to essay justice, incite, he spoke of the “reservoir of goodness” in my goals the living and the dead and ended by singing “Amazing Grace.” [cartoon id=a20432] A sense of energy and accomplishment filtered back into the Administration.

Long before Election Day, books were being published about its legacy: an economy steered clear of a beckoning Depression, the rescue of the dickens a collection essays automobile industry, Wall Street reform, the banning of torture, the passage of my goals essay esl, Obamacare, marriage equality, and the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the end of the war in Iraq, heavy investment in renewable-energy technologies, the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, the killing of Osama bin Laden, the on parents Iran nuclear deal, the opening of Cuba, the Paris agreement on climate change, two terms long on dignity and short on scandal. Obama’s approval ratings reached a new high. My Goals. Clinton’s election as the first female President would complete the narrative, and Obama, his aides suggested, would be free to sit in the healing sun of good thesis for a, Oahu and my goals essay esl, contemplate nothing more rigorous than the unrushed composition of a high-priced memoir. Air Force One landed at Fort Bragg and the motorcade headed to a gym packed with supporters at Fayetteville State University. In shirtsleeves and with crisp, practiced enthusiasm, Obama delivered his campaign stump speech. His appeal for Clinton was rooted in good for a separate the preservation of his own legacy. “All the progress that we’ve made these last eight years,” he said, “goes out the my goals essay esl window if we don’t win this election!” He revived some of his early tropes, cautioning the crowd not to be “bamboozled” by the G.O.P.—an echo from Malcolm X—and recited the litany of Trump’s acts of disrespect toward blacks, women, Muslims, the disabled, Gold Star parents. I was standing to the side of the stage. Nearby, a stout older man appeared in the aisle, dressed in a worn, beribboned military uniform and holding a Trump sign. People spotted him quickly and the jeering began. Then came the chant “Hil-la-ry!

Hil-la-ry!” Obama picked up the curdled vibe and located its source. “Hold up!” he said. “Hold up!” The crowd would not quiet down. He repeated the essay phrase—“Hold up!”—sixteen more times, and my goals esl, still nothing. It took a long, disturbing while before he could recapture the dickens a collection crowd’s attention and get people to lay off the old man. What followed was a lecture in political civility. “I’m serious, listen up,” he said. “You’ve got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. . . . You don’t have to worry about him. This is what I mean about folks not being focussed. First of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. My Goals Esl. Second of difficult essay, all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military, and we’ve got to my goals esl, respect that. Third of all, he was elderly, and we’ve got to respect our elders. . . . Now, I want you to pay attention.

Because if we don’t, if we lose focus, we could have problems.” That night in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trump informed his supporters that in Fayetteville Obama had been abusive to the protester: “He spent so much time screaming at this protester and, frankly, it was a disgrace.” Either Trump was retailing an account he’d found online in criminal justice the alt-right media or he was knowingly lying. In other words, Trump was Trump. As the plane headed to Charlotte, I sat with Roy Cooper, the attorney general of North Carolina and its Democratic candidate for governor, and David Simas, Obama’s political director. Cooper, who had worked in my goals essay esl the tobacco fields as a kid, now seemed as disconnected from the Trump voter in rural North Carolina as any pointy-headed quote machine in the CNN greenroom. “I’m as perplexed as the next person,” he said. Simas was more analytical. He was the numbers guy, who knew every twitch of voter movement in every county, or hoped he did. How Do You Start Off A Comparison. He was nowhere near as sanguine as Plouffe, and, as he went through the early-vote tallies in Florida, North Carolina, and Nevada, he was concerned about the somewhat modest African-American turnout, though emboldened by a “tsunami” of my goals essay, support from difficult decision, Hispanics. Meanwhile, he said, “the so-called hidden Trump vote” was not showing up in any outsized way. I asked Simas why he seemed more confident than Obama.

He smiled and said it was a matter of roles: “I haven’t been the President of the United States for two terms and esl, now looking to confirm my legacy.” Yet Simas, too, knew that there was potential trouble ahead. “Within ten days of the how do Republican Convention, Trump consolidated the Republican base faster than Romney did in 2012,” he said. Esl. “The base of the Republican Party is also different from what we thought. For movement conservatives, the dickens a collection assumption is that Democratic or Republican voters are ideological on issues. The Trump candidacy shows otherwise. They rally around the team and the antipathy to Secretary Clinton.” What frustrated Obama and his staff was the knowledge that, in large measure, they were reaching their own people but no further.

They spoke to the networks and the major cable outlets, the major papers and the mainstream Web sites, and, in an attempt to find people “where they are,” forums such as Bill Maher’s and Samantha Bee’s late-night cable shows, and Marc Maron’s podcast. But they would never reach the my goals essay collective readerships of homework be abolished, Breitbart News, the Drudge Report, WND, Newsmax, InfoWars, and my goals esl, lesser-knowns like Western Journalism—not to homework be abolished, mention the closed loop of peer-to-peer right-wing rumor-mongering. “Until recently, religious institutions, academia, and media set out the parameters of acceptable discourse, and it ranged from the unthinkable to the radical to the acceptable to policy,” Simas said. “The continuum has changed. Had Donald Trump said the my goals things he said during the campaign eight years ago—about banning Muslims, about Mexicans, about the disabled, about women—his Republican opponents, faith leaders, academia would have denounced him and there would be no way around those voices. Now, through Facebook and essay justice, Twitter, you can get around them. There is essay social permission for essay justice, this kind of discourse. Plus, through the same social media, you can find people who agree with you, who validate these thoughts and opinions. Essay Esl. This creates a whole new permission structure, a sense of social affirmation for off a comparison essay, what was once thought unthinkable.

This is a foundational change.” That day, as they travelled, Obama and Simas talked almost obsessively about an article in BuzzFeed that described how the Macedonian town of Veles had experienced a “digital gold rush” when a small group of young people there published more than a hundred pro-Trump Web sites, with hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers. The sites had names like and, and most of the posts were wildly sensationalist, recycled from American alt-right sites. If you read such sites, you learned that Pope Francis had endorsed Trump and that Clinton had actually encouraged Trump to run, because he “can’t be bought.” The new media ecosystem “means everything is true and nothing is true,” Obama told me later. “An explanation of climate change from a Nobel Prize-winning physicist looks exactly the same on your Facebook page as the my goals essay denial of climate change by somebody on essays on parents, the Koch brothers’ payroll. Essay. And the capacity to disseminate misinformation, wild conspiracy theories, to paint the opposition in wildly negative light without any rebuttal—that has accelerated in you start off a ways that much more sharply polarize the electorate and my goals esl, make it very difficult to have a common conversation.” That marked a decisive change from previous political eras, he maintained. “Ideally, in a democracy, everybody would agree that climate change is the consequence of man-made behavior, because that’s what ninety-nine per cent of scientists tell us,” he said. Homework. “And then we would have a debate about how to fix it. That’s how, in essay esl the seventies, eighties, and nineties, you had Republicans supporting the Clean Air Act and you had a market-based fix for acid rain rather than a command-and-control approach. So you’d argue about means, but there was a baseline of how do you start off a comparison essay, facts that we could all work off of. And now we just don’t have that.” [cartoon id=a20504] That night in Charlotte, Obama was even more energetic at the microphone.

There was not one visible Trump supporter to divert him or the crowd. He unspooled the essay esl usual litany of essay criminal justice, Trump’s violations of fact and human dignity. The race was personal to him, it seemed, and not merely because Trump threatened his legacy. “Every day, this is a candidate who has said things that just four years ago, just eight years ago, twelve, we would have considered completely disqualifying,” he told the audience. “I mean, imagine if in 2008 I had said any of the things that this man said. Imagine if I had behaved in my goals essay the way this man behaved.

Imagine what Republicans would have said! Imagine what the on parents press would have said!” On the my goals esl way out of the pavilion, Obama signed a few books, posed for some pictures, and dickens, seemed distinctly pleased with the way things were going. “I’m like Mick Jagger,” he said. “I’m old, I’m gray, but people still turn out.” In the car, riding back to essay, the Charlotte airport, Obama slumped in you start comparison essay his seat and read a few e-mails on his phone. Then he brought up a video of the my goals essay White House Halloween party. “Check this out,” he said, holding the phone up to me. On the screen was a toddler with slicked-back hair and a Superman costume.

The child’s superpowers extended to an unusual political knowledge: he called Obama “ POTUS ,” which seemed curiously precocious, until I learned that he was the two-year-old son of Josh Earnest, Obama’s press secretary. As we rode toward the essays on parents airport, Obama talked about Trump. “We’ve seen this coming,” he said. “Donald Trump is not an outlier; he is a culmination, a logical conclusion of the rhetoric and tactics of the Republican Party for the past ten, fifteen, twenty years. What surprised me was the degree to which those tactics and rhetoric completely jumped the rails. There were no governing principles, there was no one to say, ‘No, this is going too far, this isn’t what we stand for.’ But we’ve seen it for eight years, even with reasonable people like John Boehner, who, when push came to shove, wouldn’t push back against these currents.” I asked about Trump’s capacity to esl, eliminate serially a long string of Republican contenders. “Donald Trump beating fifteen people said less about his skills and more about the lack of skills of the people he beat,” Obama said. “But, obviously, he tapped into something. He’s able to distill the decision anger and resentment and essay esl, the sense of aggrievement. And he is skillful at challenging the essay conventions in a way that makes people feel something and that gives them some satisfaction.” Obama noted that many of Trump’s supporters had voted for him—in Iowa, in Michigan and Wisconsin, in Florida and North Carolina. Essay Esl. Part of the reason, he said, was that he had the good fortune to appear on the scene before the collapse of the old media order.

In the late nineties, when he was a state senator representing Hyde Park, on a collection of critical essays, the South Side of Chicago, he started making trips to the southern counties of Illinois with a white political operative named Dan Shomon. Essay. As a legislator, Obama had never before been south of Springfield. Michelle Obama was at home, pregnant, and Obama figured that this was his last chance before the baby arrived. As he headed south, he came to realize that he was now in a place that was closer in should be abolished character and outlook to Tennessee and Arkansas than to esl, Chicago. He met with people on factory floors and at the local Maid-Rite. In Du Quoin, he learned about the problems posed by an all-white branch of the good statements Chicago gang called the Gangster Disciples; in Old Shawneetown, he learned about farm life from people like Steve and Kappy Scates, who are friends to my goals essay esl, this day. “What those trips proved is that he appealed to rural white people,” Shomon once told me. “They would vote for him, they liked him.” In 2004, Obama won a seat in the U.S. Senate, defeating in the primary a sitting state comptroller and white Party regular named Dan Hynes, who had had the decision essay support of nearly every county chairman in the state.

“People didn’t see me coming,” Obama said as we drove through the night. Esl. “In southern Illinois, in those counties I won, I was at V.F.W.s and fish fries hearing people’s stories and talking to folks, so that they knew me. They weren’t getting me through Fox or Rush Limbaugh or Breitbart or RedState. “In ’08, they saw me coming, but I was a guy named Barack Hussein Obama coming up against difficult decision, the Clinton machine, so no way! So they weren’t focussed on essay esl, me, and thesis statements for a, I established a connection. Then came the stuff: Ayers and Reverend Wright and all the rest. What I’m suggesting is that the my goals esl lens through which people understand politics and politicians is extraordinarily powerful. And Trump understands the new ecosystem, in thesis which facts and truth don’t matter. Esl. You attract attention, rouse emotions, and then move on. Difficult Decision Essay. You can surf those emotions.

I’ve said it before, but if I watched Fox I wouldn’t vote for me!” Obama will go down in history as the first African-American President, and he derives immense pride from my goals esl, that, but he never fails to insist on the complexity of his story. “I’m half Scotch-Irish, man!” he said. “When folks like Jim Webb write about Scotch-Irish stock in West Virginia and Kansas and so on, those are my people! They don’t know it, always, but they are.” Now, on how do, the eve of the election, nothing was in the bag. “What’s powerful is that ideas can change on a dime,” Obama said as we pulled up to Air Force One. My Goals. “Public attitudes can be shaped and shift so radically. Two years ago, Hillary Clinton’s popularity was at sixty-five per how do you start off a essay, cent, and people were contrasting her popularity with mine. There was all this talk about how she was going to need to find ways to distance herself from me.

Now, suddenly, she has problems with public opinion. Part of it is, I’m less the focus. But it all happens so fast. This is a puzzle I’m going to be thinking about essay esl a lot. I have complete confidence in the American people—that if I can have a conversation with them they’ll choose what’s right.

At an emotional level, they want to do the right thing if they have the information.” And yet in an age of filter bubbles and social-media silos, he knew, the “information” that reached people was increasingly shaped by what they wanted to dickens a collection of critical essays, be true. And that was no longer in his hands or anyone else’s. [cartoon id=a18703] Obama’s final appearance, on the eve of Election Day, was at an outdoor rally next to Independence Hall, in my goals essay Philadelphia, alongside Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and difficult decision essay, the Clintons. But it was preceded by esl visits to good statements for a, Florida, Michigan, and New Hampshire, where he travelled with Maggie Hassan, that state’s Democratic candidate for the Senate. As Obama later recounted to me, he found himself reminiscing with her about the esl tense magic of a campaign’s conclusion: “I love the be abolished stillness and the mystery of the day or two before elections, because in a lot of ways everything goes radio-silent. Nobody at that point is really listening to an argument.

The infrastructure is set. And now it’s this weird alchemy that’s taking place in the country, and you just have to kind of my goals esl, wait and see how it works. But there’s always this mystery to it, this possibility.” “Which, in some ways, is powerful and affirming of the humanity of democracy, right?” he said to me. “It’s not mechanical. A Collection Of Critical. It’s not a formula. It’s not set. It’s not fixed.

There is always the possibility of surprise. My Goals Esl. And in that sense it’s a little bit like sports. It doesn’t matter what the odds are. Weird stuff happens. Difficult Decision. And that makes it scary if you’re rooting for one team or the other, but that’s the drama of it.” On Election Night, Obama was upstairs in the White House residence. Tens of millions of people turned on televisions and started checking their phones and essay esl, laptops long before the polls on the East Coast closed, but Obama did not. Essays On Parents. “I generally don’t start paying attention to my goals esl, returns until, like, ten o’clock,” he said, “because, first of all, I got a lot of criminal justice, people who do that for me, and, second of all, there’s really nothing there, so it’s all a bunch of speculation or anxiety that’s playing itself out, and my goals, people are attaching themselves to various numbers.” Obama said he had thought that the race was going to essay criminal, be very close. The negatives for essay, both candidates were remarkably high, and there was so much volatility that whichever candidate was in the news most lost ground. “And for reasons that you’re well aware of”—Obama-ese for dickens a collection of critical, Comey’s letter and my goals esl, the acid drip, by way of Russia, of WikiLeaks—“Hillary had been in the news a lot for a week going into the election.

And that was going to create, given the dynamics of this race, some challenges.” At around 7:30 P.M ., Obama heard from good thesis for a separate, David Simas that there were some “surprising numbers” coming from my goals, rural counties in Florida. Trump was ahead by a much bigger margin than the models had anticipated—“and, in fact, a larger margin than Romney had beaten me in these areas, or McCain had beaten me in these areas.” Even by ten o’clock, Obama said, “I’m still not watching television, which is just a general rule that I’ve maintained for the last eight years, not watching political television.” Not watching, in the Obama household, he said, “is part of essay, how you stay focussed on the task, as opposed to worrying about the noise.” Michelle Obama removed herself even further from the tumult. “The First Lady, by about 10 P.M ., goes to sleep,” Obama said. “She decided she didn’t need the stress.” By then, it was clear that the my goals esl models were wrong and that Clinton was going to difficult decision essay, lose North Carolina and esl, Florida—and that the difficulties she was having in the South were showing up in homework should be abolished Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Obama is essay hardly as cool and good separate, bloodless as advertised, but he will not perform, or even recount, his emotions on command.

When I kept prodding him for a reaction beyond sheer fact and my goals essay esl, discernment, he stayed in be abolished that calm zone he likes to inhabit, the analyst of even his own gut. His story was ending in calamity, and yet he watched it from the outside in. “Look, how am I reacting to it?” he said. “I had told people ahead of Election Day that I had an experience like this. This is part of politics. And that was in New Hampshire”—where he lost to Clinton, in the 2008 Democratic primary. My Goals. “We had come out of criminal justice, Iowa on this rocket ship and esl, the last poll internally that we had taken in New Hampshire three days later showed us up ten.

And I still remember Axelrod and Plouffe and Gibbs knocking on the door, as I’m getting ready to go downstairs, and should be abolished, they’ve got this kind of esl, sheepish look on their faces. And I said, ‘What’s going on, gentlemen?’ And they said, ‘Well, I think this may not work out the way we expected.’ ” He went on, “There is deep disappointment. In New Hampshire, when I lost, it was only the second election in what proved to be an essays interminable primary season. And people forget that was actually the night I gave the ‘Yes, we can’ speech. It was in the face of defeat, not victory, that we talked about my goals ‘Yes, we can.’ And I remember flying down to Boston. We had a fund-raiser and difficult decision essay, I had to speak to esl, a bunch of supporters down there the thesis statements for a next day. And Axelrod was surprised. He was, like, ‘You don’t seem that upset.’ And I said, ‘You know, I think this is right. I think this is how it should be. I haven’t earned this yet.’ You don’t go from being a first-term senator, no matter how popular, winning one caucus, and suddenly you’re anointed.

The American people are showing some wisdom here in saying, ‘You know what, we got to essay esl, take this thing out for a spin, we’ve got to get a better sense of how this thing navigates the curves, because that’s what a President is thesis separate peace going to need.’ ” I found this curious—the comparison between Obama’s temporary setback in New Hampshire and Donald Trump’s ascension to esl, the Presidency. But he seemed to catch up with the disjunction. “In this situation, the consequences are much higher,” he said. “It’s terminal. It’s the end of the road on the election. You can’t recover from the thesis statements for a separate election. And obviously my feelings about the country and where these election results might lead the esl country are more serious.

And in some ways it’s also more frustrating, because it wasn’t my campaign, so it’s a little bit like a parent watching a kid in a sporting match, and you don’t feel like you have as much control over decision, it.” My longest recent conversation with Obama came the day after he first met with President-elect Donald Trump, in essay the Oval Office. I arrived at the West Wing waiting area at around nine-thirty. Essay. There was a copy of my goals essay, USA Today on the table. The headline was “ RISE IN RACIST ACTS FOLLOWS ELECTION .” It was accompanied by a photograph of a softball-field dugout in Wellsville, New York, spray-painted with a swastika and on parents, the words “Make America White Again.” The paper reported other such acts in Maple Grove, Minnesota, at the University of my goals, Vermont Hillel Organization, and at decision essay, Texas State University, in San Marcos, where police were trying to determine who had distributed flyers reading “Now that our man Trump is my goals elected and Republicans own both the Senate and the House—time to organize tar feather VIGILANTE SQUADS and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage.” Below that story was an account of Obama’s encounter with Trump. Obama had steeled himself for the meeting, determined to criminal, act with high courtesy and without condescension. His task was to impress upon Trump the gravity of the essay esl office. He seemed to take pains not to offend the always-offendable Trump, lest he lose what influence he might still have on the political future of the country and the new Administration. Obama was also trying to engage the world in a willing suspension of disbelief, attempting to calm markets and minds, to reassure foreign leaders and, perhaps most of all, millions of Americans that Trump’s election did not necessarily spell the end of democracy, or the rise of an essay criminal era of chaos and racial enmity, or the suspension of the Constitution. My Goals Essay. This is not the apocalypse.

And yet even in the West Wing few could put up the same front. That much was clear when, the you start off a essay morning after the essay esl election, Obama and Denis McDonough, his chief of staff, had met with groups of staffers. Difficult Decision. (The two acted “almost like grief counsellors,” one source said.) Obama told his staff not to lose their spirit, to keep their eyes on “the long game.” Soon after the election had been called for Trump, Obama told them, Ben Rhodes had e-mailed to essay esl, say that sometimes history zigzags. You Start Essay. Obama seized on that. “A lot of you are young and this is your first rodeo,” Obama told the staffers in the Oval Office, a source recalled. “For some of you, all you’ve ever known is winning. But the older people here, we have known loss. And this stings.

This hurts.” It’s easy to be hopeful when things are going well, he went on, but when you need to my goals essay, be hopeful is when things are at their worst. Essays On Parents. That line reminded one senior aide of Obama’s last speech to the U.N. General Assembly, a defense of the liberal order that was willfully optimistic at a moment when illiberal currents were coursing all over the world. Esl. Now, in his own home, Obama sought to buck his people up and how do, get them into a professional frame of mind. My Goals Essay. He praised the Bush Administration, which he had criticized so sharply throughout the 2008 campaign, for the generosity and efficiency with which its people had assisted in the transition, and he told his people to essay, do the same, to my goals, be “gracious hosts” of the most well-known address in the United States. He asked them to make sure that even their body language radiated a sense of justice, pride and cooperation. But there was little that could soften the blow, either inside the esl White House or in the great world beyond.

Trump’s victory did not merely endanger Obama’s legacy of progressive legislation or international agreements. Essays On Parents. It unnerved countless women, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, and L.G.B.T. people, as well as professionals in national security, the press, and many other institutions. (And this was before Trump appointed Stephen Bannon, the former head of Breitbart News, as his senior counsellor.) The outcome of the election was also a blow to those who anticipated major advances for the Democratic Party: it wrested over-all control of just one additional state legislature, and remains a minority in both houses of Congress, having gained only a handful of esl, new seats in the House of Representatives, and only two in the Senate. Democrats saw a net loss of on parents, two governorships, leaving fewer than a third of the my goals esl states with Democratic governors. The party of F.D.R. and Robert Kennedy was at its weakest point in decades and had been cast as heedless of the concerns of white working people. Nor was there any secret why Vladimir Putin and the Russian political elite were so tickled by Trump’s ascent. Yes, Trump represents, to them, a “useful idiot,” a weak, discombobulated, history-less leader who will likely be content to leave Russia to its own devices, from Ukraine to the Baltic states. But Putin may also think of himself as the chief ideologist of the illiberal world, a counter to what he sees as the hypocritical and blundering West. He has always shown support for nativist leaders such as Marine Le Pen, in France; now he had a potential ally in the White House. Suddenly, Germany, led by Angela Merkel, was the lonely bulwark of Europe and Atlanticism.

And even she faced a strong nativist challenge, for the sin of admitting thousands of Syrian refugees into justice the country. The White House was, as one staffer told me, “like a funeral home.” You could see it all around: aides walking through the essay lobby, hunched, hushed, vacant-eyed. Good Thesis Statements Separate. In a retrospective mood, staffers said that, as Obama told me, Clinton would have been an “excellent” President, but they also voiced some dismay with her campaign: dismay that she had seemed to stump so listlessly, if at all, in the Rust Belt; dismay that the Clinton family’s undeniable taste for money could not be erased by my goals esl good works; dismay that she was such a middling retail politician. Essays On Parents. There was inevitable talk about Joe Biden, who might have done better precisely where Clinton came up short: in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio. And there was the fury at James Comey, who had clearly stalled Clinton’s late momentum, and at the evidence that Russia had altered the course of an American election through a cyber-espionage mission that was conducted in conjunction with Julian Assange and warmly received by the Republican candidate.

Three days after Trump’s victory, Obama was scheduled to go to Arlington National Cemetery and my goals esl, deliver the annual Veterans Day address to thousands of of critical, vets and their families. The President’s limousine, the Beast, and essay, a long line of black vans and security vehicles were lined up and waiting on the south drive of the White House. It was hard not to see it, considering the mood of the previous few days, and the destination, as a kind of cortege. The official line at the White House was that the hour-and-a-half meeting with Trump went well and that Trump was solicitous. You Start Off A Comparison Essay. Later, when I asked Obama how things had really gone, he smiled thinly and my goals esl, said, “I think I can’t characterize it without . . . ” Then he stopped himself and essays, said that he would tell me, “at some point over a beer—off the record.”

I wasn’t counting on that beer anytime soon. But after the sitdown with Trump, Obama told staff members that he had talked Trump through the esl rudiments of forming a cabinet and policies, including the Iran nuclear deal, counter-terrorism policy, health care—and that the President-elect’s grasp of such matters was, as the debates had made plain, modest at best. Trump, despite his habitual bluster, seemed awed by what he was being told and about to encounter. Denis McDonough strolled by with some friends and family. The day before, the person Trump sent to debrief him about how to staff and run a White House was his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

They had taken a walk on dickens a collection essays, the South Lawn. I asked McDonough how it was going, and he gave me a death-skull grin. My Goals Essay Esl. “Everything’s great!” he said. He clenched his teeth and grinned harder in self-mockery. McDonough is the picture of rectitude: the ramrod posture, the trimmed white hair, the good peace ashen mien of a bishop who has missed two meals in a row. “I guess if you keep repeating it, it’s like a mantra, and it will be O.K. ‘Everything will be O. My Goals Essay. K., everything will be O.K.’ ” Although Obama and essays, his aides had long been alarmed by Trump’s disturbing rhetoric and loose grasp of policy, they decided that the best path forward was to assume the mask of decorum. It was a matter of amour-propre, but—again—also of tactics. To have any chance to influence Trump, they had to avoid any trace of the contempt that had once been so pronounced. [cartoon id=a20493] Perhaps the more acute personal sadness for White House staffers was the vision of Obama and Trump sitting side by side in my goals essay the Oval Office.

A President who fought with dignity to rescue the country from economic catastrophe and to essays, press for my goals, progressive change—from marriage equality to criminal, the alleviation of climate change—was putting on essay, a mask of thesis for a peace, generous equanimity for a visitor whom he had every good reason to despise, an ethically challenged real-estate brander who had launched his political career by promoting “birtherism,” and then ran a sexist and bigoted campaign to esl, galvanize his base. In the Oval Office, the President was quick to comfort the young members of his staff, but he was, an how do comparison essay aide told me, even more concerned about the wounding effect the election would have on the categories of Americans who had been routinely insulted and my goals esl, humiliated by the President-elect. At a social occasion earlier this year, someone asked Michelle Obama how it was possible for her husband to maintain his equipoise amid so much hatred. “You have no idea how bad it is,” she said. His practiced calm is beyond reckoning. Those closest to how do you start, Obama at the White House say that he copes by quietly, sarcastically deflating the attacks—like letting the air out of a balloon slowly, one said, the better not to make too much noise. My Goals Essay. He never loses his capacity to on parents, be the scholar of his own predicament, a gently quizzical ethnographer of his own country, of my goals esl, its best and essay justice, worst qualities. In private, Michelle Obama gives clearer voice to the frustrations, and, not least, to a concern about the racism that is apparent to them both. In public—in one of the most memorable speeches of the campaign—she spoke out ferociously against Trump’s misogyny. There is my goals no denying the depths of Obama’s humbling.

He fully grasps the nature of the bigotry and the nihilism that Trump has espoused in the name of working-class empowerment. Obama’s way is to keep cool while insisting on, and homework, embodying, a faith in institutions. “Look, by dint of biography, by dint of experience, the basic optimism that I articulate and present publicly as President is real,” he told me. “It’s what I teach my daughters. It is how I interact with my friends and with strangers. I genuinely do not assume the my goals essay esl worst, because I’ve seen the best so often. Thesis Separate. So it is a mistake that I think people have sometimes made to think that I’m just constantly biting my tongue and there’s this sort of roiling anger underneath the calm Hawaiian exterior. I’m not that good of an actor. I was born to a white mother, raised by a white mom and my goals essay esl, grandparents who loved me deeply. I’ve had extraordinarily close relationships with friends that have lasted decades. I was elected twice by the majority of the American people.

Every day, I interact with people of good will everywhere.” Obama is a patriot and an optimist of a particular kind. He hoped to on parents, be the liberal Reagan, a progressive of consequence, but there are crucial differences. For one thing, Obama does not believe in the simplistic form of American exceptionalism which insists that Americans are more talented and virtuous than everyone else, that they are blessed by a patriotic God with a special mission. America is a country that was established on essay esl, the ideas of Enlightenment philosophers and on parents, improved upon not merely by legislation but also by social movements: this, to Obama, is the real nature of its exceptionalism. Last year, at essay, the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery march, he stood on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in essays on parents Selma, and defined American exceptionalism as embodied by its heroes, its freedom fighters: Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, John Lewis, the “gay Americans whose blood ran in esl the streets of San Francisco and New York”; its Tuskegee Airmen and Navajo code-talkers, its 9/11 volunteers and G.I.s, and its immigrants—Holocaust survivors, Lost Boys of Sudan, and how do comparison, the “hopeful strivers who cross the Rio Grande.” Now Obama had begun the transfer of power to Donald Trump. The President insisted to the press that they’d had “an excellent conversation.”

Obama got in his car and the motorcade pulled out of the White House gates and sped south through the streets of D.C., over the Potomac and into the green grounds of my goals, Arlington. I was packed into essays a van filled with officials from the Pentagon. They were gossiping softly about the election and its aftermath, but, once we were through the gates, passing thousands of tombstones, listening to the thud of ceremonial cannon fire, they went quiet. After a while, someone remarked that Obama was about to leave for a weeklong foreign trip, beginning with Greece. “Birthplace of my goals essay esl, democracy,” someone else said. “Hard to take after this week.” After speaking at the Memorial Amphitheatre, Obama returned to the White House for lunch and a few meetings. I saw him in the Oval Office afterward. In shirtsleeves but with his tie knotted high, he sat down in the chair where he had met with Trump the day before and ordered some tea. Throughout the campaign, he had told his audiences that if Trump—“uniquely unqualified” and “temperamentally unfit” to be Commander-in-Chief—were to win, eight years of accomplishment would go out the window. Essay Criminal. I asked him if he still believed that. “Now that the election is essay esl over, no, I don’t believe it,” he said with a sharp, dark laugh. “Not because I was over-hyping it. I think that the possibility of everything being out the window exists.

But, as a practical matter, what I’ve been saying to people, including my own staff, is that the federal government is an a collection essays aircraft carrier, it’s not a speedboat. And, if you need any evidence of that, think about how hard we worked over essay, the last eight years with a very clear progressive agenda, with a majority in essays the House and in the Senate, and we accomplished as much domestically as any President since Lyndon Johnson in those first two years. But it was really hard.” Obama said that he had accomplished “seventy or seventy-five per cent” of what he set out to esl, do, and “maybe fifteen per cent of that gets rolled back, twenty per essay justice, cent, but there’s still a lot of stuff that sticks.” He went on, “Obviously, the Affordable Care Act, I think, is most vulnerable, because that has been a unifying bogeyman for Republicans over the course of the last six years. My Goals Essay Esl. In the minds of dickens, a lot of the Republican base, it is an example of a big government program designed to take something from them and my goals esl, give it to someone else who is unworthy.” But he said that, while the Republicans would have to make some attempt to deliver on that, they had to proceed with care, because the program’s twenty-odd million beneficiaries included many Trump voters, “even if they don’t make the connection.” If the Republicans “tinker and modify but still maintain a commitment to provide health insurance for the people who received it,” he said, “then a whole bunch of how do you start comparison, stuff hasn’t gone out the window.” Obama has a similar view about the Iran nuclear agreement, despite Trump’s regular denunciations of it. “We actually have over a year of proof, and my goals essay, you’ve got the Israeli military and intelligence community acknowledging that, in you start off a fact, it has worked,” he said.

The agreement has not changed “some of the more obnoxious behavior of Iran,” but it has insured that Iran does not now have “breakout capacity,” the ability to essay esl, build a weapon in a short window of time. “So, given that proof, I don’t think that it is inconceivable that Republican leaders look and they say, ‘This thing worked. Obama is you start off a no longer in office. This is not something that our base is essay esl hankering to essay criminal justice, undo, and we may quietly leave it in place.’ ” [cartoon id=maslin-2003-08-04] This kind of talk has led some to think that Obama was deluded in his quest to esl, provide reassurance. James Hohmann, a columnist in the Washington Post , suggested that Obama had reached only the first stage of should be abolished, grief—denial—in the five stages that Elisabeth Kubler-Ross set out in her book “On Death and esl, Dying.” Anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance were still to come. Yet Obama argued coolly that Trump’s record of shifting positions without losing his supporters might be a curiously hopeful fact. His formulation of this thought was, of course, excruciatingly diplomatic. “I think that the President-elect has shown himself to be able to make a connection with his supporters that gives him much more flexibility than the how do you start off a comparison essay normal candidate to take a variety of my goals esl, approaches,” he said. “They seem to trust him, separate and apart from any particular thing that he says or does. And, as a consequence, I think we have to wait and see how, in the face of the realities of governance, he reacts to it. Another way of putting this is that what has been true for some time is that if I proposed something that was literally word for word in the Republican Party platform, it would be immediately opposed by difficult decision essay eighty to ninety per cent of the Republican voters. And the reason is not that they’ve evaluated what I said. It’s that I said it.

Well, the reverse then becomes true.” At the same time, Obama refused to interpret Clinton’s—and the my goals esl Party’s—loss as a personal repudiation. “Some of this is really simple and it’s the essays on parents thing that Mitch McConnell figured out on essay esl, Day One of my Presidency, which is people aren’t paying that close attention to how Washington works,” he said. Dickens Essays. “They know there are lobbyists, special interests, gridlock; that the powerful have more influence and access than they do. My Goals Essay. And if things aren’t working, if there’s gridlock, then the be abolished only guy that they actually know is supposed to be in charge and supposed to be helping them is the my goals essay President. And so the you start off a essay very deliberate strategy that Mitch McConnell and my goals essay, the Republican Party generally employed during the course of my Presidency was effective. What they understood was that, if you embraced old-fashioned dealing, trading, horse-trading, bipartisan achievement, people feel better. And, if people feel better, then they feel better about the President’s party, and the President’s party continues. And, if it feels broken, stuck, and everybody is angry, then that hurts the essay criminal justice President or the President’s party.” Obama was convinced, accordingly, that Trump won less as a champion of working people than as an anti-establishment insurgent. “The President-elect, I think, was able to make an argument that he would blow this place up,” he said. “Hillary may have been more vulnerable because she was viewed as an esl insider. And the reporting around the Goldman speeches”—speeches given to Goldman Sachs executives—“might have reduced her advantage, the good statements for a separate normal Democratic advantage, in the eyes of essay, working people, that we were standing for them. I don’t think it was fair, but that’s how it played itself out.”

He picked up the essay criminal justice thread of my goals essay esl, what he had been saying in the car back in difficult essay North Carolina: that, before the rise of the new-media universe, he had been able—even as a black guy “with a really weird name”—to meet people where they lived, and convey a sense “that I cared about them, that I could relate to them, that I didn’t condescend to my goals essay esl, them, and that maybe I was in this for the right reasons. Essays. . My Goals Essay. . . So it’s not just, like, the gushing San Francisco liberal hugging me that makes me optimistic. It’s that I’ve seen great decency among people who may, nevertheless, have some presuppositions or biases about African-Americans or Latinos or women or gays. And the issue is, constantly, How do we break through those barriers?” I reminded Obama that, eight years ago, when I was interviewing him about race, he had been somewhat elusive throughout our official session but afterward had tracked me down in the building to remind me how complicated it was for him to talk about the subject. A stray word about race could be as explosive as a stray word about the financial markets. He remembered.

“There are certain things we know,” he said. Essays. “We know that when there is a conversation about the police and African-Americans, and conflict between those two, everybody goes to their respective corners. Essay Esl. That is an essay area that just triggers the deepest stereotypes and my goals essay esl, assumptions—on both sides. The biggest drop that I had in my poll numbers in my first six months had nothing to do with the economy. It was ‘the beer summit.’ ” That August, a fifty-eight-year-old black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., had been arrested and handcuffed at his own door by a collection of critical essays a white police officer. My Goals. An uproar ensued when Obama seemed to take Gates’s side, and, hoping to quiet the storm, the White House arranged a sitdown over dickens a collection of critical essays, beers between the professor and the policeman. “Among white voters, my poll numbers dropped, like, I don’t know, ten per cent or something,” Obama continued. “If you don’t stick your landing in talking about racial issues, particularly when it pertains to the criminal-justice system, then people just shut down. They don’t listen.” He thought back to that fateful day in my goals essay August. “I thought that it would be fairly innocuous to say, ‘I don’t know all the facts, but if you’ve got an elderly black gentleman—even if he’s being obnoxious to a police officer—handcuffing him probably doesn’t make sense if he’s on his own porch.

I thought that would be viewed as a pretty common-sense proposition. It was a pretty visceral reaction. Now, what we also know is that, when we are talking about family or service or sports or popular culture, there are all these categories where people’s stereotypes rarely pop up. And, when they do, the majority of people are offended by them. And so the question for me, over on parents, the course of my goals essay, my Presidency, during the course of this election, has always been, How do I strengthen the a collection of critical essays better angels of our nature? And how do we tamp down our tribal impulses?” Even in the midst of what he can only essay esl see as a disastrous turn of history, Obama retained the uncanny capacity to view his quandaries as if he were drafting a research paper. “A President who looked like me was inevitable at some point in American history,” he said. “It might have been somebody named Gonzales instead of Obama, but it was coming. And I probably showed up twenty years sooner than the demographics would have anticipated. And, in how do you start off a essay that sense, it was a little bit more surprising. Essay. The country had to on parents, do more adjusting and processing of it. It undoubtedly created more anxiety than it will twenty years from now, provoked more reactions in some portion of the population than it will twenty years from now.

And that’s understandable.” How did he speak with his two daughters about the my goals essay esl election results, about the difficult decision post-election reports of esl, racial incidents? “What I say to them is that people are complicated,” Obama told me. “Societies and essays, cultures are really complicated. . My Goals Essay Esl. . . Criminal. This is not mathematics; this is biology and my goals esl, chemistry. These are living organisms, and it’s messy. And your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift up and fight for treating people with kindness and difficult essay, respect and understanding. And you should anticipate that at any given moment there’s going to be flare-ups of bigotry that you may have to my goals, confront, or may be inside you and you have to vanquish. And it doesn’t stop. . . . Dickens A Collection Essays. You don’t get into my goals essay a fetal position about it. You don’t start worrying about apocalypse. Thesis Separate Peace. You say, O.K., where are the my goals essay places where I can push to keep it moving forward.” For the Democratic Party, these questions have a strategic dimension. After Obama and Clinton, the Party bench is thin.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are hardly young. Obama insisted that there were gifted Democratic politicians out there, but that many were new to the scene. He mentioned Kamala Harris, the new senator from California; Pete Buttigieg, a gay Rhodes Scholar and Navy veteran who has twice been elected mayor of South Bend, Indiana; Tim Kaine; and how do you start off a essay, Senator Michael Bennet, of Colorado. And Obama related the my goals esl Party’s losses this year to difficult decision, previous setbacks—and recoveries. “Some of my staff are really young, so they don’t remember this,” Obama said. “They remember my speech from the Boston Convention, in my goals 2004, because they uploaded it on justice, YouTube or something, but they might have been fifteen when it happened. Well, that’s the election that John Kerry lost.

George Bush was reelected. Tom Daschle, the Democratic leader in the Senate, was defeated. The Senate went Republican. The House was Republican. Me and Ken Salazar, of Colorado, were the only two Democrats nationally who won. It was a very similar period to where we are right now. Two years later, Democrats had won back the Senate; I think they had won back the House.

And four years later I was the President of the United States. “So this notion somehow that these irreversible tides have been unleashed, I think, surrenders our agency. It’s easier than us saying, Huh, we missed that, we messed that up, we’ve got to do better in esl how we organize. Essay. We have to esl, stop relying on a narrow targeting of our base turnout strategy if we want to govern. . . . Setting aside the results of this election, Democrats are well positioned to keep winning Presidential elections just by appealing to the base. Essays On Parents. And, each year, the demographic improves.” To put it more bluntly than Obama did, the esl nonwhite percentage of the population will continue to increase. “But we’ll keep on getting gridlock just because of population distribution in this country,” he went on. “As long as California and criminal, Wyoming have the my goals essay same number of senators, there’s going to be a problem—unless we’re able to have a broader conversation and move people who right now aren’t voting for progressive policies and candidates. . Essay Criminal Justice. . . All of my goals esl, this requires vigilance in protecting gains we’ve made, but a sense, yes, of equanimity, a sense of purposeful calm and optimism, and a sense of humor—sometimes gallows humor after results like the ones we just had. That’s how ultimately the race is won.”

Not long before the election, Valerie Jarrett, the senior aide with the closest relationship to how do you start off a comparison essay, the Obamas, asked the President, “Don’t you sometimes wish you could run for another term? I’m sure you could win, and essay esl, there’s so much more to do.” Obama had no appetite for superseding the Twenty-second Amendment. “I said no, because, look, at some point you lose touch,” he recounted. “By being in this room. At some point, you get worn down. At some point, you start getting into bad habits.

I told her, ‘We’re playing on house money here. We weren’t supposed to be here. For us to off a essay, have had this opportunity and to be able to make this much change, as much as we wish that we could have gotten everything done, it’s remarkable.’ ” The Trump era confronted the outgoing President with obvious questions. Who was now the leader of the opposition and of the Democratic Party? What if there were violent racial incidents? Would he step in my goals as a spokesman, a moral voice? Because of the essay criminal justice demands of the transition and the tradition of discretion, Obama seemed unwilling to my goals esl, address these issues head on, but, at least in general terms, there was no question that he was now seeing his post-Presidency in a new, if dimmer, light. “I think that if Hillary Clinton had won the election then I’d just turn over the keys,” he said. Homework. “We’d make sure the briefing books were in order and out we go.

I think now I have some responsibility to at least offer my counsel to those who will continue to my goals, be elected officials about how the D.N.C. can help rebuild, how state parties and progressive organizations can work together.” Trump had triumphed in rural America by appealing to a ferment of anti-urban, anti-coastal feeling. And yet Obama dismissed the notion that the Republicans had captured the should be abolished issue of inequality. “The Republicans don’t care about that issue,” he said. My Goals. “There’s no pretense that anything that they’re putting forward, any congressional proposals that are going to come forward, will reduce inequality. . . . What I do concern myself with, and the Democratic Party is going to have to concern itself with, is the fact that the confluence of globalization and technology is making the gap between rich and poor, the mismatch in should be abolished power between capital and labor, greater all the essay esl time. And that’s true globally. “The prescription that some offer, which is stop trade, reduce global integration, I don’t think is going to work,” he went on. “If that’s not going to good thesis statements for a peace, work, then we’re going to have to redesign the social compact in some fairly fundamental ways over the next twenty years. And I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact. Esl. It begins with all the things we’ve talked about in criminal the past—early-childhood education, continuous learning, job training, a basic social safety net, expanding the earned-income tax credit, investments in infrastructure—which, by definition, aren’t shipped overseas. All of those things accelerate growth, give you more of a runway. But at some point, when the my goals problem is not just Uber but driverless Uber, when radiologists are losing their jobs to A.I., then we’re going to have to figure out how do we maintain a cohesive society and a cohesive democracy in which productivity and be abolished, wealth generation are not automatically linked to how many hours you put in, where the links between production and distribution are broken, in some sense. Because I can sit in my office, do a bunch of stuff, send it out over the Internet, and suddenly I just made a couple of million bucks, and the person who’s looking after my kid while I’m doing that has no leverage to get paid more than ten bucks an my goals hour.” [cartoon id=warp-2011-02-14] The sense that, on the level of politics and policy, there was work to be done (“I know how to build a bridge to that new social compact”) infused the post-Presidential role that he sketched for himself. “I’ll be fifty-five when I leave”—he knocked on a wooden end table—“assuming that I get a couple more decades of good health, at least, then I think both Michelle and I are interested in good thesis statements peace creating platforms that train, empower, network, boost the next generation of leadership.

And I think that, whatever shape my Presidential center takes, I’m less interested in a building and my goals essay, campaign posters and Michelle’s dresses, although I think it’s fair to good statements, say that Michelle’s dresses will be the essay esl biggest draw by a huge margin. But what we’ll be most interested in is programming that helps the next Michelle Obama or the next Barack Obama, who right now is sitting out decision essay, there and has no idea how to make their ideals live, isn’t quite sure what to do—to give them resources and ways to think about my goals essay social change.” He seemed to be returning to essays, the days when he was a community organizer in the Altgeld Gardens housing project, on my goals esl, the South Side of Chicago. “The thing that I have always been convinced of,” he said, “the running thread through my career, has been this notion that when ordinary people get engaged, pay attention, learn about the forces that affect their lives and are able to good thesis separate peace, join up with others, good stuff happens.” Every ex-Presidency is marked, of course, by the Presidential memoir, and Obama acknowledged that the my goals genre has been vexed. “My observation in difficult decision reading Presidential memoirs is that they are very heavy on ‘and then this happened, and my goals essay, then that happened,’ ” he said. He noted that he hadn’t managed to keep a diary in the White House and homework, marvelled at essay, the “remarkable discipline that Jimmy Carter apparently had where each day he was describing what he had for breakfast and what happened here and what happened there.” He admitted that as a writer he could never be as free as he was in his first book, “Dreams from essay, My Father.” “Some of it is just by virtue of decorum,” he said. “If you have meetings with people that they’ve assumed were private and suddenly you’re just spilling the beans, it’s a little bit like telling on an old girlfriend about something.” Shortly after four, following nearly two hours of my goals essay esl, conversation, Obama got up to call it a day. He would get some rest over the weekend—he played golf on Saturday and Sunday—then leave for the trip to essays, Europe and South America on Monday. Along the way, he knew, his job was to keep offering reassurance, to deny the prospect of apocalypse, just as he had with his staff. This would require some doing, as his successor’s transition team already showed signs of chaotic infighting and of favoring many of the reactionaries, climate-change deniers, and heroes of the alt-right in their midst. On his first stop, in Athens, Obama would give a speech about populism, nationalism, globalization, tribalism, and, by implication, the esl ominous rise of Donald Trump. Walking out the gates of the comparison White House, I thought about the morning at Arlington.

The weather was sunny, crisp, cool; dried leaves, russet and umber, skittered across the walk. It reminded me of Election Day eight years ago, in essay esl Chicago. Obama had voted near his house, on the South Side, and then accepted victory that night, flanked by good statements his wife and daughters, in Grant Park. “While the my goals Democratic Party has won a great victory tonight,” he had told the crowd of how do off a essay, nearly a quarter-million people, “we do so with a measure of humility and determination to heal the my goals essay divides that have held back our progress.” And he cited words that Abraham Lincoln spoke to essays on parents, “a nation far more divided than ours”: “We are not enemies but friends. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.” Obama, graying now, more exhausted than he admits, carried the my goals essay esl wreath at Arlington to comparison, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: “Here Rests in my goals essay esl Honored Glory an criminal American Soldier Known But to God.” As a bugler played Taps, the realization came that in my goals essay esl the coming year it would be Trump, formerly of Trump Taj Mahal, at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Donald Trump, formerly the good separate peace host of “Celebrity Apprentice” and the owner of Trump University, in the Situation Room. Essay Esl. At 10 Downing Street. At the Elysee Palace. At the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

In the speech at Arlington that morning, Obama managed to essay, deliver a political message. And this time he went beyond the call for orderly transitions and praise for “excellent” meetings. My Goals Esl. He delivered a distinct paean to values that Trump so often dismissed. “Veterans Day often follows a hard-fought political campaign, an exercise in the free speech and self-government that you fought for,” he said. “It often lays bare disagreements across our nation. Should. But the essay American instinct has never been to difficult, find isolation in opposite corners. It is to find strength in our common creed, to forge unity from my goals essay, our great diversity, to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard.

“It’s the example of the single most diverse institution in our country—soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coastguardsmen who represent every corner of our country, every shade of humanity, immigrant and good thesis for a separate, native-born, Christian, Muslim, Jew, and nonbeliever alike, all forged into common service.” His sober cadences gave resonance to words that could have been rote. My Goals. So did the off a comparison essay awareness that just seventy days remained of his Presidency. Here was the essay esl hopeful vision of diversity and dignity that Obama had made his own, and hearing these words I couldn’t help remembering how he began his victory speech eight years ago. “If there is how do essay anyone out my goals essay, there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible,” he said, “tonight is your answer.” A very different answer arrived this Election Day. America is indeed a place where all things are possible: that is on parents its greatest promise and, perhaps, its gravest peril. ¦ David Remnick has been editor of The New Yorker since 1998 and essay esl, a staff writer since 1992. He is the author of “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama.” Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case.

How Ivanka Trump and justice, Donald Trump, Jr., Avoided a Criminal Indictment. Rex Tillerson Says He Remains Fully Committed to my goals essay esl, Moron’s Agenda. How the you start off a essay Elderly Lose Their Rights. Kazuo Ishiguro, the 2017 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, in The New Yorker. “Are You Listening?”

The photographer and my goals essay esl, filmmaker Katy Grannan travels around America to dickens, capture the nation’s mood in 2016.

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Essay: Intersectionalism in novels of the Black Women’s Literary Renaissance (1970-2000); The Color Purple and my goals esl Beloved. ‘I am a feminist, and what that means to me is much the same as the meaning of the fact that I am Black: it means that I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.’ ‘ June Jordan. The position of black American women is one that only few people would desire. For centuries these women have struggled to find their identity and free themselves from oppression by white people, but also from sexism and classism. Of course we had the civil rights movement and feminism flourishing in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century, but what had these movements meant for black American women?

Women had played a vital role in difficult decision, the civil rights movement, they mobilised the people to participate and initiated various successful demonstrations for the movement. My Goals Essay Esl. However, black women received little recognition for their efforts. They were given positions behind the scenes whereas men were placed in controlling positions. In the famous March on Washington in 1963, many speakers and civil rights movements were able to present their ideas. Decision Essay. One group, however was silenced and my goals essay was denied the opportunity to speak in the March: black women. Civil rights activist, Dorothy Height, states that: “There was an all-consuming focus on dickens a collection of critical, race. We women were expected to put all our energies into it [the March]…there was a low tolerance level for…questions about my goals esl women’s participation” (Height, 2001). Although inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, in which black women had gained experience in on parents, civic organising, no black women were granted an important role in the Feminist Movement. The Feminist Movement was led by middle class white women.

White women had to esl be convinced that black women were also entitled to enter the Feminist Movement, and to share power within the organisation. However, due to racism and classism, black women were not given equal roles. We can easily conclude that the good for a separate peace, role of black women in both the Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement was marginalised by my goals esl subsequently sexism and racism/classism. The dissatisfaction women felt with their position in both movements, led to the rise of Black Feminism. Black Feminism argues: “that the homework should be abolished, experience of being a black woman cannot be understood in my goals esl, terms of being black, and of being a woman, considered independently, but must include the interactions, which frequently reinforce each other.” (Crenshaw Thomas, 2004). This intersectionalist approach clarifies that the difficult decision essay, race and gender problems black women face, are very much entwined and thus more complicated.

At the dawn of esl feminism, with the civil rights movement declared dead, but black feminism still alive, black women writers entered their literary renaissance in the late 20th century. Fuelled by on parents their experiences in the era in which the civil rights movement and feminism flourished, oppression of black women is the central theme in most novels by my goals esl Afro-American women writers of this time. Award winning novelists Alice Walker and Toni Morrison emphasize the intersectionalist problems black women face in their novels. In this essay, I will explore how the theme of racial, class and gender oppression is discussed in two Pulitzer prize-winning novels of the second black women renaissance: The Color Purple by Alice Walker and Beloved by Tony Morrison. By looking at the novels from an intersectionalist point of view, I will focus on how racism, classism and essays sexism are portrayed and intertwined. The novels Beloved and my goals esl The colour Purple are drenched with violence and other forms of oppressive behaviour towards women. The women in the novels endure gender, class and racial discrimination, which is often expressed through violence and criminal sexual abuse.

Both stories are set in a post slavery, all black, rural community around the turn of the my goals essay, previous century. Unlike The Color Purple, Beloved uses flash backs to for a separate take us to esl the time of decision essay slavery at the plantation of my goals Sweet Home. However, set in the time after slavery, Bergthaller (2006) concludes the following: “It is thus only of critical consequential that the novel puts its characters at a temporal remove from esl, their own experience of essay criminal justice slavery: the diegetic present of the novel is set in the year 1873, and the former lives of the characters as slaves are presented in a series of essay esl flashbacks as the novel unfolds. Properly speaking, then, Beloved is homework be abolished a novel not so much about slavery itself as about essay esl its effects on criminal, those who live in my goals esl, its wake.” (Bergthaller, 2006). In the two novels, race plays an important role, although described from a very different angle. In Morrison’s Beloved, racial oppression is the most important theme. The issue is a collection of critical essays dealt with through describing the horrors of slavery and, even more so, the my goals essay, trauma it caused, whereas in good thesis for a, The Color Purple the racial tension is present throughout the novel, but with feminist concerns as the key topic. Although all black people, at the time, suffered from racial oppression, women seem to have a worse position because of their gender and their ability to have children.

One of the main disadvantages women had, was that they could increase the slave owner’s wealth through the production of more slaves, and were therefore systematically raped. Rape is a frequently reoccurring phenomenon in both books. My Goals Esl. In their recent study West and Johnson (2013) describe the history of should rape of black women since the early days of slavery. Even before arriving in America the women were systematically raped by the crew members during their Middle Passage. To the slave owners the essay esl, value of women was mainly in the fact that they could produce children and with that increase the slave owner’s wealth. But even after slavery was abolished, rape was still widespread due to poor legislation that did not recognise the sexual molestation of black women as rape. “Historical Overview: Throughout much of be abolished U.S. history, the rape of Black women was widespread and institutionalized. The legal system offered little protection and stereotypes about Black women’s hypersexuality were used to justify limited social support for Black rape victims. Black women developed a culture of silence and engaged in anti-rape organizing to essay esl cope with their victimization.” (West Johnson, 2013) In her novel ‘Beloved’, Toni Morrison writes about the cruel history of comparison rape in Afro-American history during the time of slavery. On page 62 we learn about the brutalities during the Middle passage.

Although Morrison’s word choice is quite subtle and veiled, we can conclude that the my goals, story she tells is decision essay gruesome: Sethe’s mother and Nan were repeatedly raped during their transatlantic trip. Sethe’s mother threw all resulting children (except Sethe) overboard, and essay Sethe was given the name of a black man. “‘ were taken up many times by the crew” and be abolished “She threw them all away but you. The one from the crew she threw away on the island. The others from more whites she also threw away. My Goals Esl. Without names, she threw them. You she gave the name of the statements for a separate peace, black man.” (Beloved p.62) Just like her mother, Sethe experiences rape when enslaved. She is sexually violated by my goals essay esl her master’s nephews. Although again not described explicitly, we can read that the two sexually and physically molested her while she was pregnant and took her milk. (p. 16) + 251.

The experience deeply influences Sethe as we can conclude from her actions taken when, after having fled to Baby Suggs House, Schoolteacher arrives to take her and her children back to Sweet Home. Sethe kills her daughter so that. “no gang of whites [would invade] her daughter’s private parts, [soil] her daughter’s thighs’ (Beloved, p. 251) Through this horrific act, Sethe demonstrates her belief that death is how do comparison a kinder alternative than rape. To her, it is the only way she can protect her child.

In the book Morrison reports on numerous other instances of rape of women during slavery: Vashti, Stamp Paid’s wife was forced to have sex with her enslaver, Baby Suggs was forced to have sex with her straw boss and with an overseer, and Ella was locked up and repeatedly raped by a father and son. However, in my goals essay esl, Morrison’s Beloved, not only women suffer from rape by the hands of white men. Paul D describes how he gets raped during a chain gang. Every morning the prisoners are forced to fellate the homework should, white guards. My Goals Esl. Field (2007) remarks that. “Race, not gender, makes Paul and Sethe vulnerable to the trauma of rape; and rape, in turn, signifies the many atrocities of slavery through which Paul, Sethe and ‘Sixty Million more’ suffered.” (Field, 2007) In my opinion, Field’s remark is on parents partially correct. In Beloved both men and women are raped because they are black. But with this, she disregards the fact that the extent in which rape occurred with women, because they could produce offspring, is of a different magnitude. As indicated before, racism plays an important role throughout The Color Purple.

Although not the main theme, it seems that the effects and consequences of slavery and racism are an underlying cause for what happens in the story. An example of this, is esl that late in the novel we learn that Celie’s and thesis separate Nettie’s real father is lynched by white men for no other reason than being a successful store owner. One could argue that the loss of her father is the my goals essay, cause for of critical, Celie’s mistreatment in her youth. It seems that in the post slavery, rural community, black men and women are trying to rediscover their identity. As we have seen in my goals essay esl, Beloved, Slavery has taken away the identity of the slaves leaving them numb and animal-like. Especially men are trying to find a way to shape their masculinity and homework position towards women.

More about this will follow in the paragraphs about essay esl gender discrimination later in this essay. Women too are trying to find a position in life. Throughout the difficult decision, novel, there is the belief that ‘bright skin’ is more beautiful. Squeak, who is of mixed race, is aware of this division and essay asks Harpo, ‘Do you really love me, or just my colour’?. The most explicit example of racism is the incident between Sofia and the mayor’s wife who offers Sophia to become her maid. Sophia answer is a short “hell, no!” on which she is slapped by the woman.

Sofia however stands up for herself and hits back. The beating she receives from the police is should be abolished disproportionately severe. Celie visits her and witnesses the gruesome results of the my goals esl, beating: Celie: “When I see Sofia I don’t know why she still alive. Essay. They crack her skull, they crack her ribs. They tear her nose loose on one side. They blind her in one eye. She swole from essay esl, head to foot. A Collection Of Critical. Her tongue the size of my arm, it stick out tween her teef like a piece of rubber. She can’t talk.

And she just about the color of a eggplant.” (TCP, p. 88) Harpo’s wife Sophia is my goals essay esl sentenced to 12 years in statements peace, jail. After several years, Sophia is released and sent to work for the mayor’s wife, and my goals esl with that confined to homework servitude and domesticity within her home. Sophia described work as slavery. (TCP, p. 102-108) But racism is not only present in my goals, America, Nettie understands that although she has the same colour skin, cultural differences separate her from the Olinkas.

She states: I think Africans are very much like white people back home, in that they think they are the essays, center of the my goals esl, universe and that everything that is done is done for them. A Collection Of Critical. (TCP, p. 65.2) Olivia expresses one of the most political statements of the book, recognizing that sexism and racism are similar forms of oppression. In contrast to Morrison’s novel where most perpetrators are white oppressors, we find that in The Color Purple they are mostly black males from within the community. This shows that living in an all black community does not guarantee black women to be much better off. Especially Celie is discriminated against my goals essay esl because of homework be abolished her gender. Essay Esl. She endures sexual abuse, exploitation and violence only because she is difficult essay a woman.

The Color Purple is placed in a rural setting just after the abolishment of my goals esl slavery, where traditional roles of essay criminal justice men and women were standard. Male dominance is the norm throughout society and therefore men feel that they own women who should obey and submit. Essay. One could argue that gender domination being the standard at the time, was similar for both black and white females. However, it seems that women in The Color Purple suffer from a different kind of male dominance than their white counterparts. Many instances of a collection oppression of women/Male dominance in the book show a striking resemblance to what women experienced in slavery. It seems that the men in the story are struggling to rediscover their male identity, which they had lost during slavery. Not being sure how to achieve this, they apply what they have experienced in the past and take on the role of the slave owner. The novel starts with the most disturbing scene in the book. Essay Esl. Here we learn that the man Celie believes is her father, Alfonso, rapes the protagonist, a fourteen-year-old black girl.

Celie’s mother is ill and how do off a comparison essay refuses to have sex with her husband because she is esl too weak. In the process of being raped Celie cries, Alfonso chokes her and immediately makes sure that she knows this behaviour will also occur in future by saying: ‘you better shut up and git used to it.’ (TCP, p. 1) In this case, we see rape is used as an expression of Alfonzo’s belief that he as a man has the right to essays have sex. He uses Celie as a sexual substitute for her mother and says ‘You gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t”. My Goals Essay. (TCP, p. 1) As women in slavery, Celie suffers the sexual abuse throughout childhood and good thesis for a subsequently gets pregnant a number of my goals essay times. In order to hide the homework be abolished, evidence of his sex crimes, Alfonzo takes away the children and lets Celie believe that he killed them. ‘He took it. He took it while I was sleeping. Kilt it out there in the woods.

Kill this one too if he can.’. My Goals Essay. (TCP, p. 2). Celie’s Marries Mr_. The sexual encounters with him are unloving and might just feel like being raped. “Just do his business, get off, go to sleep” (TCP, p.78) Besides being sexually abused from her teenage years, Celie has also been exploited. Celie had to follow traditional responsibilities, first by her own family and then in her marriage to Albert. When her mother fell ill, Celie was required to do all the work around the house: cooking, cleaning, washing. Alfonzo pulled her out of school so she could spend more time working around the house.

After a while Alfonzo wants to thesis statements separate peace get rid of Celie and marries her off to Albert (Mr_). My Goals Esl. Albert is really more interested in Nettie, but Alfonzo tells him about the advantages of taking Celie: “Well, next time you come you can look at her. She ugly. Don’t even look like she kin to Nettie. But she’ll make the better wife.

She aint smart either, and I’ll just be fair, you have to watch her or she’ll give away everything you own. But she can work like a man.” (TCP, p. 8) The way Celie is given away to her husband resembles the essay criminal justice, way slaves were sold at a market. By giving her away to a ‘suitable’ man, her father puts the young teenager in my goals esl, a situation in which she has to cope with the abusive relationship she is on parents forced into. Celie does not call her husband Albert by his first name but refers to him as Mr__. This shows that she is not on the same level as her husband and it resembles the way the slaves used to my goals essay esl call their masters. The relationship between the two bears great similarities of thesis separate peace that of a slave and her master. In her fifteenth letter to God, Celie tells the reader that she has to work the land, whereas her husband is sitting on esl, the porch smoking a cigar. Celie is expected to work on essays on parents, the land alone. Celie is my goals also told to look after the essay, house and children and do whatever Albert demands without objecting. One of Mr__’s sisters tells her that.

‘When a woman marry, she spose to keep a decent house and a clean family’ (p. 20). Physical violence is common and my goals essay used as a manner of control and a way of punishment. Mr_ beats Celie on off a, a regular basis. When Harpo, Mr__’s son asks his father why he beats Celie, Albert says that he does so because she is his wife, and does not listen. My Goals. From the scene we can read that he has no respect for women. ‘Harpo ast his daddy why he beat me. Mr. ____ say, Cause she my wife. Plus, she stubborn. All women good for’he don’t finish. Off A Essay. He just tuck his chin over the paper like he do.

Remind me of Pa.’ (TCP, p. 23) The conversations between Harpo and his father and Celie provide us with an interesting insight in how the young man’s understanding of the role of women and being a man is shaped. In the nineteenth letter Celie reports on essay esl, an other conversation between Harpo and his father. In this conversation we learn that Harpo wants to control his wife. Although it seems that they have a loving marriage, Harpo is used to men dominating women and wants to do the same. Statements Peace. He even feels embarrassed to admit that he has never beaten Sofia. Essay. Mr.__ advises Harpo to dominate Sofia the way most men do, by using violence. “Harpo want to how do off a comparison essay know what to do to make Sofia mind. He sit out on the porch with Mr._________. He say, I tell her one thing, she do another.

Never do what I say. Always backtalk. To tell the truth, he sound a little proud of this to me. You ever hit her? Mr._________ ast. Harpo look down at his hands. Essay Esl. Naw suh, he say low, embarrass. Well how you spect to make her mind?

Wives is like children. You have to let ’em know who got the upper hand. Nothing can do that better than a good sound beating.” (TCP, p.36) Much later in the book, when Celie points out criminal justice, that Harpo should not hit Sofia because she is a good wife, Harpo tells her that he wants to dominate Sofia. To Harpo, a good marriage is one in which the woman is my goals essay esl totally submissive.

“I want her to do what I say, like you do for Pa. When Pa tell you to do something, you do it, he say. When he say not to, you don’t. You don’t do what he say, he beat you. Sometime beat me anyhow, I say, whether I do what he say or not.” (TCP, p. 63) From Celie we learn that Mr__ abuses her even if she does what he wants. Not all women are passive and scared to stand up and fight for themselves. Unlike Celie, Sofia doesn’t accept men using violence against her but hits back. [Harpo and Sofia] fighting like two mens.

Every piece of furniture they got is turned over. Every plate look like it broke. The looking glass hang crooked, the curtains torn. The bed look like the stuffing pulled out. They don’t’ notice.

They fight. He try to slap her. What he do that for? She reach down and should grab a piece of stove wood and whack him cross the eyes. He punch her in the stomach, she double over essay esl, groaning but come up with both hands lock right under his privates. He roll on off a comparison, the floor. He grab her dress tail and pull.

She stand there in her slip. She never blink a eye. He jump up to put a hammer lock under her chin, she throw him over her back. He fall bam up gainst esl the stove. How Do Comparison Essay. (20.2) Sofia’s pride and my goals esl not independence however results in essay criminal justice, the dreadful incident with the mayor’s wife, for which she gets imprisoned first and essay esl the is forced to work in how do you start comparison, the mayor’s wife’s household. Essay Esl. This shows that even though a woman is strong enough to escape male dominance, racism and classism forces her back into servitude. Being black around the 1900s is a great predictor for class. All black people in on parents, the novels are poor with the exception of Celie’s father in The Color Purple.

Her father’s wealth however leads to my goals essay esl his death, because white people do not condone blacks to be well off and lynch the man. All other black characters in both books are exploited, poorly educated, and badly housed. It is dickens a collection of critical hard for them, not to say impossible, to better themselves. For black women the situation is even worse. In addition to whites making it hard to essay esl escape class, men oppose women trying to better themselves just as much. In The Color Purple, a young Celie hungers for education but her stepfather pulls her out of school because she is difficult decision needed to fulfil the traditional role of esl a woman which means that she has to do work around the house. Not only in America, we find the idea that women do not have to be educated because they have to fulfil a domestic role.

In Africa, Nettie encounters similar problems: “Why can’t Tashi come to homework should be abolished school? she [Olivia] asked me. When I told her the Olinka don’t believe in educating girls she said, quick as a flash, They’re like white people at home who don’t want colored people to learn.” (62.10) Because black women are poor, we also find examples of esl prostitution out of difficult essay desperation. The first instance of my goals essay esl this is on parents Sethe’s exchange of sex for engraving het daughter’s tombstone, the second involves the Saturdays girls’ work at the slaughterhouse. With the recent experiences of The Civil Rights Movement and the Feminist Movement in mind, both Alice Walker and Toni Morrison address the notion of intersectionalism as emphasized by Black Feminism. In Beloved, as well as in essay esl, The Color Purple we find black women struggling with racial, gender, and class oppression. Alice Walker’s The Colour Purple mainly focusses on sexism within the essay criminal, black community, whereas reminiscences of slavery and racism is key topic in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Although different in focus, in both novels the intersectionalist idea that the problems black women face are very much entwined and thus more complicated, is a major theme. In her novel Beloved, Morrison addresses the problem of racism and my goals esl Black American heritage in which black Americans deal with the difficult decision essay, trauma of slavery. Slavery has left such scars within the my goals essay, black community that it is difficult to leave behind. In addition to describing the good thesis separate, general horrors of slavery, she particularly focusses on the trauma’s and my goals esl experiences of women.

On this intersection between race, gender and class (only a slave), being a black enslaved female and able to produce offspring added to the horrors of slavery, because females were consequently raped and impregnated. Being a mother under such circumstances was difficult: women could often not care for the children that were conceived through rape because they were taken away. If children stayed with their mothers, they were often unable to protect them which in Beloved results in Sethe murdering her daughter. Starting point for The Color Purple, is a more feminist view. Walker challenges the traditional role of women and male dominance. Should. In her novel we follow the struggle of protagonist Celie, for identity and self worth in a situation in which men force her into being a submissive, almost slave-like, housewife. The men in her life use her to exert their masculinity. The way men try to oppress her is very similar to how the slaves were suppressed by the plantation owners.

It seems that black men follow by example, and the only essay example they have, stems from decision essay, their experiences in slavery. In both novels black women are unable to better themselves and transcend their class. Black women and slaves are not permitted to educate themselves. Although the starting point and focus of the two novels is different, we may conclude that the situation for black American women is my goals essay esl complicated. Race, gender and class play a huge role in the lives of homework should be abolished black women, but they are entwined to such an extend that it is impossible to pinpoint one of the forms of oppression without taking the esl, others into consideration. Bergthaller, H. (2006).

Dis (re) membering History’s revenants: Trauma, Writing, and Simulated Orality in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Connotations, 116. Crenshaw, K., Thomas, S. (2004). Intersectionality: the double bind of race and gender. IN: perspectives. Fr??hling. C-Span (2001, July 20), Video interview with Dorothy Height. Retrieved June 02, 2015, from Fields, R. (2007).

Tracing Rape: The Trauma of Slavery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. You Start Essay. Women Writing Rape: Literary and Theoretical Narratives of Sexual Violence. Warwick University, 24th April. I_am_a_feminist_and_what_that_means. (n.d.). My Goals Essay Esl. Columbia World of Quotations. Should Be Abolished. Retrieved May 22, 2015, from website: Walker, A. (2003). The color purple: A novel.

New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. West, C. Johnson, K. (2013, March). Sexual Violence in the Lives of African American Women. Harrisburg, PA: VAWnet, a project of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Retrieved 20/05/2015, from: Search our thousands of essays:

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The Sam Clovis factor: Scientist? No. Skilled in my goals essay, the science of influencing Trump? Yes. 07/30/2017 07:04 AM EDT. What Sam Clovis, President Donald Trump’s pick to be USDA’s chief scientist, lacks in science chops, he makes up for in knowing — really understanding — the president. | Charlie Neibergall/AP. Sam Clovis, President Donald Trump’s pick to be the Department of criminal Agriculture's chief scientist, has been many things in essay esl, life: He’s an F-16 fighter pilot turned defense contractor turned academic; he was a conservative radio host in Sioux City, Iowa; and he was a failed U.S. You Start Comparison! Senate candidate in the Hawkeye State who managed to essay, become co-chair of the you start off a presidential campaign of essay esl a New Yorker who won — against all odds. These days in Washington, Clovis’ critics are obsessing over what he is not: He's not an agricultural scientist, nor is he an on parents agricultural economist, nor does he appear to be qualified for a position that, by law, must be drawn from “among distinguished scientists with specialized training or significant experience in agricultural research, education and my goals essay, economics.”

Story Continued Below. Senate Democrats, activists deeply concerned about essay climate change and left-leaning science groups predictably seized on Clovis’ weak credentials to attack his selection as yet another sign the Trump administration rejects science-based policymaking and endangers the integrity of my goals essay federal research. But none of that has deterred the essays heavyweights in the agriculture industry, who believe, in effect, that Clovis’ political savvy is more important than his résumé. In this nomination fight, Clovis, whose early and loyal backing of Trump helped the president win in Iowa, has politics on his side. Not only does Trump owe him a job, but most major farm groups are now rallying behind his nomination — sent to the Hill earlier this month — despite his lack of hard-science experience.

A coalition of nearly two dozen industry groups, including the my goals American Farm Bureau Federation and difficult decision essay, the National Corn Growers Association, recently sent a letter to Senate Agriculture Committee leaders, urging support for Clovis — a political calculation that has many policy experts in Washington rolling their eyes, considering farm groups constantly fuss about the importance of sound science. “Some have suggested that Dr. Clovis is not qualified for this position due to essay esl, his lack of hands-on science and research experience,” the groups wrote. “We do not share this point of view. The U.S. Department of Agriculture already employs some of the finest and most dedicated scientists in the world. They do not need a peer. They need someone to champion their work before the administration, the Congress, and all consumers around the essays on parents world.” What Clovis lacks in science chops, he makes up for in knowing — really understanding — Trump. Back in April, when Trump was on the verge of essay esl withdrawing the thesis separate U.S. from NAFTA, it was widely reported that Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue helped walk the president away from the my goals essay ledge by showing up at an Oval Office meeting with a map of the U.S. Be Abolished! that pointed out areas that would be most harmed by an abrupt withdrawal — many of them counties and states that voted for Trump, and many of my goals esl them rural. It was actually Clovis who prepped Perdue for off a comparison the meeting and Clovis who suggested the secretary take along the map to my goals essay esl, drive home his point in a visual, high-impact way, multiple sources with knowledge of the exchange said.

Clovis did not respond to multiple inquiries from POLITICO. A daily briefing on agriculture and food policy — in your inbox. By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or alerts from essay POLITICO. You can unsubscribe at any time. “It shows that I do have a very big farmer base, which is good,” Trump later recalled about the meeting and esl, the map, after deciding to drop a planned executive order that would have pulled the U.S. from the free trade deal with Mexico and Canada, which has been a boon for agriculture. “They like Trump, but I like them, and I'm going to help them.” If Clovis has special insight into what makes Trump tick, it’s because he joined Trump’s campaign early on good thesis statements peace, and earned standing in a political universe where family has first-order status and positions of true influence are grounded in loyalty, above all else. Clovis first bet on Rick Perry in Iowa, but he bailed when the former Texas governor sputtered. The Iowan joined the Trump campaign as co-chair and policy adviser in August 2015, two short months after Trump announced his run — back when many in Washington dismissed his candidacy as a joke. Clovis grew to be an influential part of Trump’s lean campaign team, serving as a constant surrogate on cable news and my goals esl, corralling an essays on parents unwieldy group of unconventional policy advisers. “He’s been with Donald Trump from the very beginning,” said Gary Baise, a leading agriculture lawyer in Washington, who Clovis enlisted to help organize farm leaders during the campaign. “He has a masterful understanding of how to appeal to Donald Trump for essay esl the benefit of agriculture.”

From Sioux City to Trumpland. Clovis, if he had his druthers, really wanted something at the Department of Defense — perhaps a more logical choice, given his long career in the U.S. Criminal Justice! Air Force. But USDA undersecretary for research, education and my goals, economics — a little-known but crucial post that oversees a budget that approaches $3 billion — is not a shabby consolation prize. The Iowa Republican, who led the Trump transition’s beachhead team for USDA and currently serves as the dickens of critical essays department’s liaison to my goals essay esl, the White House, portrays himself as an economist — but his Ph.D. is in public administration.

At Morningside College, a small liberal arts school in Sioux City, Clovis taught classes on dickens of critical essays, business, management and public policy, according to internet archives, and didn’t appear to my goals essay, publish any major peer-reviewed work. He’s on you start off a comparison, the record questioning the scientific consensus on climate change, a stance that helped fuel the criticism from Democrats and science advocates that emerged after ProPublica reported in May that Clovis was likely to be Trump’s choice for USDA’s chief scientist. “If President Trump wants to keep Americans safe and healthy, ensure prosperity for farmers and rural communities, and my goals essay, follow the law, this nomination is the dickens a collection wrong choice,” said Ricardo Salvador, director of the food and my goals essay esl, environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has led opposition to essay justice, Clovis’ nomination. Essay Esl! He disputed the idea that a politically wired advocate for agricultural science would have greater impact than someone with deep research experience. “These are not mutually exclusive possibilities,” he said, “and the nation’s food system and ag research investments should not be held hostage to such a false choice.”

Senate Agriculture ranking member Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) said earlier this month, after the White House announced Clovis would be nominated, that she has “strong concerns that Sam Clovis is not qualified” for the position. On the other side of the dickens a collection of critical aisle, Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts didn't talk about Clovis' résumé during an unrelated hearing this month, but voiced a clear objection to the fact that Clovis had, back in 2013, declared that a key farm program — subsidized crop insurance — is unconstitutional. “If there is some nominee who is coming before the committee who says crop insurance is unconstitutional, they might as well not show up,” Roberts said. His committee has yet to my goals essay, schedule a confirmation hearing for comparison Clovis. An aide working on USDA nominations later countered that criticism, telling POLITICO that Clovis last year said crop insurance needed to be protected because farming is critical to my goals essay esl, national security. How John Kelly got West Wing cleanup duty. Yet for all the controversy, science groups and the land-grant universities that work with the division Clovis would lead have been noticeably quiet, choosing instead to avoid a political fight with a nominee who's close to the president, likely to be confirmed and expected to ultimately have much power over a collection essays, the level of federal funding their institutions are to be given. Other groups, like the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which represents historically black colleges and universities, jumped on the chance to back Clovis after the White House’s announcement. “Shortly after the election results were announced, Dr.

Clovis began meeting with TMCF to my goals, develop an action plan to deepen the USDA’s relationship with our ag schools in order to help them build capacity, infrastructure and career paths for their graduates,” said Johnny Taylor Jr., CEO of TMCF. “We are hopeful our positive working relationship with the difficult essay USDA will continue with Secretary Purdue and, if confirmed, Dr. Sam Clovis.” As Clovis’ credentials have publicly drawn fire, he’s been quietly winning over the rank and file at USDA, which was not seized by the chaos that engulfed other agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency, during the my goals esl first few months of the Trump administration. Clovis has proved himself to dickens a collection of critical essays, be a steady hand, impressed career staff and my goals essay, become well-liked, even by some of on parents his critics, who privately acknowledge that tanking his nomination could yield a pick they would view as much worse. Clovis is also known to have a direct line to the president, a level of access far above that which is usually enjoyed by USDA’s head of research — something that is not lost on agricultural groups. USDA officials, multiple sources said, have simply gotten over essay esl, the fact that Clovis isn’t a scientist. “Their first instinct, given his background, was to not like this guy,” said Chuck Conner, president and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, who organized the industry coalition’s letter. “But he’s won them over in a big way.”

Baise, a close ally of Clovis, emphasized the idea that the former professor possesses a rare blend of experience in academia and politics. “We don’t have a lot of folks with Ph.Ds who have run for difficult public office,” Baise said. In 2014, Clovis took a leave of absence from his Morningside College post to my goals essay esl, run for Senate, entering the GOP primary to fill the Iowa seat vacated by Sen. Tom Harkin, who retired. Good Thesis Statements Separate Peace! Clovis had a conservative talk-radio show based out of Sioux City, but he was virtually unknown in Iowa politics. He surprised everyone by my goals essay esl coming in second to Joni Ernst, who went on to win the seat. Clovis even bested energy businessman Mark Jacobs, who had sunk more than $3 million of his own money into his primary campaign.

Clovis then ran unsuccessfully for essays on parents state treasurer, one of his last iterations before he joined Trump’s orbit. Though Clovis’ rise in politics has been meteoric, Morningside College wasn’t interested in talking up its connection to the Trump administration official when POLITICO inquired about Clovis’ academic record. A spokesman for the college refused to my goals, answer questions about which classes Clovis taught there and what his research interests were. The spokesman also would not grant faculty members permission to essay criminal justice, talk about Clovis’ time at the school. Esl! He left the college in essays, 2015. Climate science and my goals essay esl, a 'cool hand' Clovis’ nomination has sparked a barrage of snarky headlines and tweets — perhaps more than for any other subcabinet pick. “Trump Nominates Sam Clovis, a Dude Who is Not a Scientist, to homework should, Be Department of my goals essay esl Agriculture’s Top Scientist,” blared Gizmodo. “Incompetence Looms: Trump To Appoint Non-Scientist As USDA’s Chief Scientist,” said the headline on an op-ed in Forbes. And fake news, that newly elevated element of American politics that will forever be linked to the 2016 campaign, has also attached itself to thesis statements for a separate, Clovis at times.

A few days after the ProPublica report, a site called ran a story claiming that Clovis had mocked scientists as “dumb regular people that think dinosaurs existed.” The post got so much traction on social media that Snopes and PolitiFact both flagged it as a hoax. Clovis’ name has also repeatedly surfaced in my goals essay esl, relation to his involvement in another enduring aspect of the 2016 campaign — the Russia question. On Parents! It was reportedly Clovis who vetted Carter Page, an esl international businessman, to be a national security adviser to essays, the Trump campaign. My Goals Esl! As of the should summer of 2016, well after Page had joined the campaign, the FBI was said to be surveilling him, suspecting Page might have been acting as an agent of the Kremlin, The Washington Post reported; he was later dropped from the campaign. But other than the fact Clovis is not a scientist, nothing about my goals essay esl his background and work on the campaign and transition has gotten as much attention as his skepticism about climate change, in part because the division he would oversee conducts all manner of essay justice climate science research — from studying how to reduce the carbon footprint of food production to coming up with ways for farmers to essay esl, adapt to more severe weather patterns. When he was running for good for a separate Senate in 2014, Clovis did an essay esl interview with Iowa Public Radio, during which the hosts pointed out that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that rising temperatures are “very likely due to human activities.” “Do you believe the science?” the hosts asked. “I am extremely skeptical,” he said without skipping a beat. On Parents! “I have looked at the science and I have enough of a science background to essay, know when I’m being boofed.

And a lot of the homework science is junk science. Priebus out as chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly to replace him. “It’s not proven,” he continued. “I don’t think there’s any substantive information available to me that doesn’t raise as many questions as it does answers. So I’m a skeptic.” But those who have worked with Clovis are not unnerved by the breathless criticism in the left-leaning media. They describe him as whip-smart, open-minded, jolly and my goals essay esl, self-deprecating. He also works long hours and good thesis statements separate, avoids events in Washington that require schmoozing. “People think he’s going to be an a--hole, and then he’s not,” said one lobbyist who’s worked with him. Another Clovis supporter said the Iowan is “a guy with real balls,” noting that one has to my goals esl, be “half-nuts” to fly an F-16 fighter jet, as Clovis did throughout his decades-long career in essay, the Air Force. My Goals Esl! He retired in 1996 as a colonel.

In Trump land, Clovis has developed a reputation for decision essay being even-keeled amid an administration known for infighting and my goals, volatility. Dickens Of Critical Essays! “He was always cool-headed,” recalled Sid Miller, the controversial Texas agriculture commissioner who worked with Clovis on the campaign’s agricultural advisory committee. “A lot of us would get rattled when Donald Trump would have a bad day. Not Sam. He’s a cool hand.” He saw victory outside city limits. Clovis wasn’t the my goals kind of campaign operative who assumed victory and how do you start, ignored political realities. He just happened to understand the my goals essay esl political moment in the heartland, which ended up being key to Trump’s victory. At an event in good thesis statements for a separate peace, Washington just short of my goals essay esl three weeks before Election Day, Clovis wasn’t banking on his candidate winning. “I have no idea how this is going to turn out,” Clovis told POLITICO at the time. Clovis had just spent the better part of two hours being peppered with questions about farm policy at the National Press Club in Washington.

It was his first appearance before the D.C. A Collection! hive, and the audience was skeptical, to say the least. Few in essay esl, the room, which was packed with food, ag and off a comparison, environmental lobbyists, had any idea who Clovis was. My Goals Essay Esl! Some had seen him on CNN as a surrogate for Trump. Some had heard he’d ran unsuccessfully for Senate in Iowa. But they all couldn’t figure out homework how a little-known professor and conservative talk radio host had become the Trump campaign’s lead on agricultural policy. Clovis, however, had clearly done his homework. He sat back in his chair, eyeglasses perched above his eyebrows, and jumped with ease from farm subsidies and food stamps to the complexities of the peanut program and conservation. He outlined policy stances that were surprisingly moderate. He hammered away on the need for better water quality, said he’d like to wean farmers off price supports, and expressed support for a legal immigrant workforce to meet agriculture’s needs. During the meeting, Clovis also offered brief thoughts on agricultural research, an essay esl issue on which he has almost no record. “I also think the research needs to be transparent,” he said after endorsing voluntary genetically-modified-organism labeling, because “consumers have a right to know.” He added: “If we have these demands, and we have to fund research in these areas, we should have some accountability on that funding; and the other aspect is a collection essays it is transparent, to know what we’re looking at and what we’re investigating.”

Clovis offered that one of his personal “pet rocks” is essay water policy. “I honestly believe if we ever have another civil war in this country, it’ll be over water,” he said. After the meeting, even Democrats admitted Clovis’ breadth of should be abolished knowledge had surprised them. Trump, for his part, knew he needed to gin up support among rural voters to offset the my goals bludgeoning he’d take in the cities, and he’d tasked Clovis with using farm policy to galvanize the heartland. “With city limits in the rearview mirror, it’s Trump,” Clovis told POLITICO after the Washington meeting, when asked about the widening gap in rural support between Hillary Clinton and Trump. It was something many in the mainstream media and political establishment had missed or disregarded, but Clovis repeatedly pointed to the fact that Trump signs seemed to appear just outside of city limits by a staggering margin compared with Clinton signs. “Not just yard signs; barn signs. Should Be Abolished! Barns!” he laughed. “People have painted their barns. The sides of their houses. It’s nuts,” he continued. “There’s a lot of angst out there. There really is.” Clovis then explained that the esl campaign’s strategy was to essay justice, try to make up for getting “trounced” in esl, cities by cultivating hefty returns in good thesis for a separate, rural counties.

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