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Writing an argumentative paper

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Writing an argumentative paper

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Australian Dictionary of paper Biography. Eumarrah (c.1798-1832), Aboriginal leader, was born in the northern midlands (Campbell Town), Van Diemen's Land. His name (variously spelled, sometimes as Umarra or Umarrah) probably derived from his one-time employer, the settler Hugh Murray. Alternative names were Kanneherlargenner and Moleteheerlaggenner. As chief of the Stoney Creek (Tyerer-note-panner) people, he was a dynamic leader in conflict with the European settlers in 1826-27.

One of Lieutenant-Governor (Sir) George Arthur's roving parties, led by government essays Gilbert Robertson, captured Eumarrah and paper, his wife Laoninneloonner late in 1828. The Hobart Town Courier on government, 22 November reported that the 'King, named Eumarrah . . . declares it his determined purpose . Writing An Argumentative! . Asia Business Council Essay! . to destroy all the whites he possibly can, which he considers a patriotic duty'. Yet, before the paper Executive Council on 19 November the what makes essay captives had denied any killing. Both Robertson and Arthur soon came to see Eumarrah as a likely and potent agent of racial reconciliation. An Argumentative! After a year in Richmond gaol, the cover Aboriginal leader joined G. A. Robinson's 'friendly mission' through the south-west in early 1830. Eumarrah impressed Robinson, but never subordinated himself, and in May he decamped. Showing mighty bushcraft (and an island-wide reach), he trekked from an argumentative paper near Trial Harbour to his homeland region. In October he presented himself to the Launceston authorities and, at Arthur's request, immediately joined the 'Black Line' operation, as it sought to corral the remaining Aborigines.

To Arthur's chagrin, Eumarrah soon left the line and began harassing settlers in the Tamar and Esk valleys and in the north-east. Robinson was then working there and on 29 August 1831 the oil gas conservation life two met again. 'How I rejoiced to hear that this man was in being', wrote Robinson, who promised that if the Aborigines stopped hostilities they might remain on the land. With other Aborigines, Eumarrah accompanied Robinson's mission to the Big River people from October 1831 to January 1832, shaping it to their own purposes—both helping and hindering the search. At night Eumarrah sang hour-long stories of an argumentative 'amorous adventures, exploits in essay contest, war c'. The idyll ended as Robinson took the party to Hobart Town. An Argumentative Paper! Eumarrah then accompanied him to Launceston, and in February to Flinders Island.

Back at Launceston, Eumarrah became ill with dysentery. He died on 24 March 1832 in hospital there and was buried in St John's graveyard with some formality, European and Aboriginal. Eumarrah's first wife had been killed in an inter-Aboriginal dispute in makes people essay, 1831. His second wife was Woolaytoopinneya, who died in paper, May 1832. What People! He had several siblings, or at least band-associates, of interest. An Argumentative! His reputed sister Planobeena (Fanny) became the wife of PEEVAY (c.1812-1842), also known as Tunnerminnerwait (waterbird) and 'Napoleon' or 'Jack of Cape Grim'. Probably the son of Keeghernewboyheener, of Robbins Island, Peevay had met Robinson at Robbins Island in business essay, June 1830, when he began a long and complex relationship with the 'friendly mission'. Robinson spoke of him as 'an exceeding willing and industrious young man', who was 'stout and well made, of good temper, and performed his work equal to any white man'.

Perhaps Peevay was more deliberate than Eumarrah in his hopes of using the association to an argumentative paper outwit Robinson and the colonizers generally. The two Aborigines were together in Robinson's excursion to the Big River people. In October 1835 Peevay went with Robinson to makes people happy essay Flinders Island, where his tie with Fanny firmed. An Argumentative! Among the few survivors of the tragedy of Flinders Island, both Peevay and Fanny accompanied Robinson when he became chief protector at Port Phillip. Their apparent closeness with Robinson continued until winter 1841, but in September Peevay, Fanny and three others, including Trugernanner and Timme, formed a band which attacked Europeans in much the same style as had earlier prevailed in Van Diemen's Land. Consequently the Supreme Court found Peevay ('Jack Napoleon Tarraparrura') and Timme ('Robert Timmy Jimmy Small-boy') guilty of the murder of two whalers. Peevay was reported as saying that 'after his death he would join his father in what happy essay, Van Diemen's Land and an argumentative paper, hunt kangaroo; he also said that he had three heads, one for the scaffold, one for the grave, and one for V. D. Land'. The convicted men were hanged on 20 January 1842, the first offenders to letter for resume be executed at writing an argumentative paper, Port Phillip. Eumarrah had possessed remarkable personal qualities, and his experience, like that of Peevay, illustrated how British settlement offered indigenes a mix of challenge, opportunity, confusion and disaster.

He evidently felt some attraction to the colonists and testing, hoped to writing paper use their presence to his own advantage. Essay Contest! Yet he also resisted them, through both physical combat and more subtle tactics. In mirror image, colonists viewed Eumarrah with mingled hostility, admiration and hope that he would serve their ends. Van Diemen’s Land: Copies of All Correspondence Between Lieutenant-Governor Arthur and His Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Colonies, on the Subject of the Military Operations Lately Carried on Against the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Van Diemen’s Land (Hob, 1971) N. Writing An Argumentative Paper! J. B. Plomley (ed), Friendly Mission (Hob, 1966) N. J. B. Business Council Essay! Plomley, Weep in Silence (Hob, 1987) H. Writing Paper! Felton (co-ordinator), Living With the Land: Book Five: Resisting and Adapting (Hob, 1991) C. Pybus, Community of Thieves (Melb, 1991) I. MacFarlane, ‘Pevay: a Casualty of War’, Papers and Proceedings (Tasmanian Historical Research Association), 48, no 4, Dec 2001, p 280 Port Phillip Herald , 26 Nov 1841, p 2, 24 Dec 1841, p 2, 21 Jan 1842, p 2. Council Essay! Michael Roe, 'Eumarrah (17981832)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, National Centre of Biography, Australian National University,, published first in hardcopy 2005, accessed online 4 October 2017. This article was first published in hardcopy in Australian Dictionary of Biography , Supplementary Volume, (MUP), 2005. © Copyright Australian Dictionary of Biography, 2006-2017. Umarrah Umarra Kanneherlargenner Moleteheerlaggenner.

Australian Dictionary of paper Biography. © Copyright Australian Dictionary of Biography, 2006-2017.

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Local Citation Analysis of Graduate Biology Theses: Collection Development Implications. Science Engineering Librarian. Copyright 2011, Laura Newton Miller. Used with permission. MacOdrum Library is a central supporting body of Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), a research-intensive institution that serves the academic needs of approximately 24,000 undergraduate and graduate students (Carleton University Library 2008). As Science and Engineering Librarian at paper, Carleton University, the researcher wanted to make sure the Library was meeting the needs of the thesis for animal testing biology graduate students. Carleton's Biology Department offers undergraduate, masters, and an argumentative, doctoral programs. In 2007/2008 the department had 109 graduate students enrolled in programs (77 in for animal paper, Masters and 32 in PhD) (Office of Institutional Research and an argumentative, Planning, Carleton University 2009). Although informal feedback from students and faculty is important, the researcher wanted more formalized evidence to support the biology department's research needs. A survey was conducted in 2009 to assess the kinds of resources graduate students were using to find information for their research projects. This survey combined questions that focused on graduate students' perceptions of their library research needs and skills with questions that centered on thesis for animal testing research, the students' library research abilities (Newton Miller 2009).

A mixed-methods approach can look at an issue from a variety of angles (Beck 2008) and give more detailed information for use in collection management (deVries, Kelley Storm 2009) and instruction. An Argumentative? A local citation analysis was therefore conducted to examine what graduate students used in their research theses and how this could affect future collection development decisions. This paper will focus on divided essays, the citation analysis of graduate masters theses from Carleton University's Biology Department. Citation analysis is the systematic, quantitative study of an argumentative paper, works cited. It is part of the broader field of bibliometrics, the application of mathematical and statistical methods in the use of documents and publication pattern (Osareh 1996, as cited in Black 2001). In contrast to information use studies that ask students or faculty what journals they use for their research (Rolinson et al. 1996 and for resume, Brown (2005)), citation analysis is an unobtrusive method for journal collection evaluation purposes (Sylvia 1998). Citation analysis for collection development management can come in a variety of forms.

Some study specific journals or a group of journals to determine a core collection for the library. In an early citation analysis, Gross and Gross (1927) researched the frequency of paper, citations in the Journal of the American Chemical Society to ascertain what journals were needed most to help prepare students for advanced study and to cover sheet letter, support the stimulation and intellectual development of the faculty (Gross Gross 1927). Budd (1988) analyzed the citations in three core education journals to determine how research is communicated within that discipline. Writing Paper? Black (2001) collected citation information of thesis research, two leading journals to form a base for a core collection in communication disorders. Delendick (1990) studied the citations within three prominent journals in plant systematics.

He found that although some of the citations referenced in the three journals appeared in Science Citation Index, many more citations were represented in Biological Abstracts. An Argumentative Paper? This helped the researcher determine that Biological Abstracts was the better tool for those studying systematic botany at cover for resume, that time. Journal Citation Reports is often used as a tool for collection development. Journal Citation Reports ranks journals by using citation frequency of journal articles to measure the journal's impact in a particular field (Thomson Reuters 2010a). Writing Paper? This is a very useful tool for librarians to establish knowledge of core journals in a discipline, but it does not necessarily represent a local library's particular needs.

Crotteau (1997) examined the library's support for biological research by comparing the citations within faculty publications to rankings in people happy essay, Journal Citation Reports. He found that comparing two rank orders can be misleading when the ranks of individual titles could vary by as many as 60 to 80 positions. He discovered that it may be more useful to state that a journal is an argumentative more or less cited by divided government local faculty than by the wider scientific community (Crotteau 1997). Joswick and Stierman (1997) found significant differences between the ranking of journals used by students and writing paper, faculty and rankings provided in Journal Citation Reports, revealing the importance of local citation studies in collection development. Some citation analyses focus on particular groups of users. Lascar and essays, Mendelsohn (2001) and Crotteau (1997) examined the an argumentative paper references within biology faculty papers. Lascar and Mendelsohn (2001) used citation analysis to study structural biology faculty from several institutions. Testing Paper? Because structural biology is a multidisciplinary field, the authors discovered that it is writing important not to overemphasize the value of established, multidisciplinary journals. Narrow-focused, smaller periodicals also need to be considered within a collection budget (Lascar Mendelsohn 2001).

Another way to scrutinize faculty use of for animal testing, journals is by determining where they publish their papers. Stankus (2010) examined whether or not the placing of entomology faculty in different departments at various universities influenced where they published their work. Although many publish in the same journals, there are differences in where arts and writing an argumentative paper, sciences entomology faculty publish than those who work in agricultural departments. This is helpful in prioritizing collection development and budgeting decisions (Stankus 2010). References used in honors undergraduate papers have been the letter focus of writing paper, some citation analyses. These can be a great resource of information not only for libraries serving undergraduates, but also for those libraries trying to determine the needs of divided, possible future graduate students. Leiding (2005) studied undergraduate papers from a number of writing, academic departments, which helped in ascertaining the different needs between various disciplines.

Kraus (2004) researched the citation patterns of asia business essay, advanced undergraduate biology students and in an argumentative, a later paper (Kraus 2005) compared the essay contest women differences between citation usage of undergraduates and faculty in the biology department. Decisions regarding the purchasing of journal archive back files are important issues in collection development management. In order to an argumentative paper, determine the need to purchase specific back files, Nabe and Imre (2008) examined citations to resources dating before or after 1996 (many archival purchases have content before this particular year). Knowing the age of citation references can be another important factor in what people happy, collection management. Graduate students are heavy users of library resources, and theses and dissertations are often readily available (Brazzeal Fowler 2005). This makes them a well-known user group for citation analysis. Williams and Fletcher (2006) studied the an argumentative paper materials used by graduate students in engineering to divided government, direct library collection development decisions. Citation analyses often compare to past studies to build on the literature. Writing? The current citation analysis on graduate biology masters theses has the benefit of citation analyses conducted by for animal testing Kuruppu and an argumentative, Moore (2008) and by Walcott (1994). Both analyses focused on graduate biology theses, and both further broke down their rankings by subject specialties within biology. Pancheshnikov (2007) also studied graduate biology student theses and compared these to the literature citations in faculty publications as a way of making informed decisions regarding collection development management.

Collecting data using similar methods to past citation analyses makes them easier to compare with past studies (Kraus 2004). The researcher asked the following questions: What is the percentage of students' citations to journals? books? web sites? government documents? miscellaneous resources? What is the average number of citations per student paper? What are the top cited journals by number of citations? What are the top cited journals by number of citing authors?

What is the age range of journal citations? What percentage of journals is available in the Carleton Library catalogue? What are the reasons for not having a particular journal? What are the top cited journals for particular biological research areas? The researcher initially searched the Carleton University Library catalogue by contest women conducting a keyword search for biolog*, with a location theses and a year after 2006 and before 2010.

The search was further narrowed by locating theses with the an argumentative added author Carleton University. Essay Life? Dissertation. Biology. An Argumentative? Twenty-five Masters theses were found in total; 15 from asia business essay, 2008 and writing an argumentative, ten from 2007. When in doubt, the researcher went by the date of business, imprint on the thesis to determine the year (in other words, when the thesis was published, as opposed to when the student may have actually graduated).

Theses from 2009 were not included in the study as many were not yet available electronically or were in the process of being bound at the time of analysis. The researcher used Proquest's Dissertations and Theses at Carleton University (Proquest 2010) (a subset of Proquest's bigger Dissertations and Theses database) to print off the title page and reference section of each thesis. Each dissertation was given a unique identification number. Using a method used by other researchers (Kraus 2004) that was developed by Chandra G. Prabha (Prabha 1996 as cited in an argumentative paper, Kraus 2004), materials such as annuals, monographic series, and other irregular serials were not counted as journal articles. These were instead coded as B-annual and grouped as books. Each citation was given one of the following codes: Journals or magazines - J Books or book chapters - B Annuals or monographic series - B-annual Web site (non-governmental)- W Miscellaneous- MIS MIS - Gov Doc (even if it is oil gas a web site or database) MIS - Report (includes technical papers, protocols) MIS - Conference MIS - Software MIS - Thesis MIS - Other (includes data repository, article submitted to writing an argumentative, journal but not in review process, product (i.e., Roundup), newspaper, pamphlet, software manual, survey, personal observation, user's guide) To verify that a reference was a journal, the thesis for animal paper researcher checked citations in writing an argumentative paper, Ulrich's (Proquest Serials Editing Department 2009) and in Worldcat (OCLC 2010). If the title was not found in Ulrich's or Worldcat and the citation did not fall under another category, the researcher coded as MIS-other. The researcher made the assumption that the materials the contest Library owned in an argumentative, 2010 (when the study was conducted) were also available to students while they were conducting research (i.e., 2006-2008). Government Essays? Although the researcher acknowledges that there is writing a chance database content may have changed in cover letter, that time period, the task of determining dates of paper, periodical acquirement was not feasible given the time to conduct the study.

Web of Science (Thomson Reuters 2010b) was used to check any ambiguous citation to get proper bibliographic information. (i.e. when citation had incorrect date or journal name). Ages of journal citations were determined by calculating the difference between the oil gas life imprint year of the thesis and the age of a particular cited publication. For example, if a thesis was published in 2008 and a journal citation was from 1998, then the difference between these two numbers would make the writing citation 10 years old. To determine whether or not Carleton University Library owned or had access to a cited journal article, the researcher checked the library's catalogue. Students checking the asia council essay catalogue for a journal title may find that the library has the title, but not the particular year the writing an argumentative student needs. In order to ascertain the specifics for not having access to a particular journal article, the citations were coded as follows: Don't have - Not found in catalogue at all. Never had subscription.

Used to Have - Had at one time but cancelled subscription. (Having a significant number of divided, these could give reason to an argumentative paper, revisit a subscription). Have now - Didn't have older copy but have current subscription. Contest Women? (This may give reason to purchase a back file). Don't have that year - This sometimes occurs when the library has an older subscription that was cancelled and then repurchased. This also occurs when there is an embargo on a journal. (The library may want to paper, seek out copies that are missing in asia, the years between subscriptions). Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Corporation 2003) and an argumentative, IBM SPSS Statistics 18 (SPSS Inc. 2009) were used to tabulate results. The researcher calculated the frequency with which each journal was cited.

Williams and Fletcher (2006) point out that multiple citations of a title by a single author can greatly affect the ranking of a journal. Cover Letter For Resume? For this reason, the researcher also used a unique thesis ID to calculate the frequency of authors citing a particular journal. To analyze theses by biological research area (as determined by the Carleton University Biology Department) (Carleton Biology Department 2009), the writing researcher examined Library of Congress Subject Headings from individual thesis catalogue records, and cross-referenced with subject headings used in Proquest's Digital Dissertations (Proquest 2010). All 25 theses were sorted into the following categories for further analysis. Cell Molecular Biology Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Biochemistry and Physiology Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Past studies have divided biological specialties in different ways (Kuruppu Moore 2008; Walcott 1994).

Because this is a local citation analysis, it was important for thesis for animal the researcher to paper, divide specialties into groups similar to how Carleton University's Biology Department references these research areas to divided government, ensure the information needs can be met as specifically as possible. There were a total of 2,783 citations in writing paper, the 25 Masters theses analyzed for this study. The average (mean) number of citations per thesis was 111 citations. The median was very close to the mean at 114 citations. Oil Gas Conservation Its Relevance Life? The highest number of citations in a thesis was 191, and the lowest number was 44. Journals accounted for 2,340 citations, or 84% of the total.

This seems to coincide with results of similar studies, including Kraus (2004) who found that 76.2% of biology undergraduate students' honors references were to journal articles. McCain and an argumentative paper, Bobick (1981) found that 91% of citations were to essay conservation, journals in faculty publications and doctoral dissertations and Walcott (1994) discovered that graduate biology students cited journals in the 80-95% range, depending on the subject specialty. Kuruppu and Moore (2008) determined doctoral students in agriculture and biology cited journal articles 80.5% of the time. Books (including annuals) accounted for an argumentative 11% of total citations. Sheet? Government documents accounted for 2% of total documents, web sites were 0.7% of total citations, and miscellaneous items accounted for 3% of the total citations. (See Table 1 and an argumentative, Table 2) Books (includes annuals) Table 2: Listing of Miscellaneous Citations.

For many researchers, especially in the sciences, Google is the oil gas first choice for information -- all kinds of information (Haglund Olsson 2008). The researcher ascertained from a local survey of biology graduate students that although they make use of traditional electronic databases (e.g., Proquest's Biological Sciences), Google Scholar and Google are used to a greater extent for paper theses research (Newton Miller 2009). The low number of web site citations may be the cover sheet letter result of graduate advisors discouraging their students from citing web sites. An Argumentative Paper? Web sites that were from government departments were considered a government document (and not a web site). Essay Contest Women? This may have changed the numbers slightly. Paper? Kraus (2004) also found a low number of cover sheet for resume, web sites cited by writing undergraduate biology students. Kraus found that although many science faculty and students were using electronic resources to access scholarly materials, they were not citing the use of web sites as sources, or the Internet as a means of delivery of scholarly information (Kraus 2004). Title dispersion is determined as the degree to which the useful literature in a field is essay contest women scattered through a number of books and journals (Walcott 1994). The journal title dispersion for this study is 546, which means that 546 individual journal titles were needed to cover 100% of the writing journal citations.

Walcott (1994) discovered a rather low number of 295 titles for her study of graduate biology student theses citations, although with the proliferation of journal titles since that time, the divided government difference in numbers is perhaps not that surprising. Many citation analyses, including Brazzeal and Fowler (2005), Pancheshnikov (2007) and Black (2001), demonstrate the 80/20 Rule, which suggests that 80% of the cited articles reside in 20% of the cited journals (Bradford 1953). In this study, the top 46 titles (8.4%) (by frequency of an argumentative paper, citation) cover 50.4% of all journal citations. Brazzeal and Fowler (2005), who researched the information usage patterns of graduate students in forestry, found that 7.0% of all cited journals accounted for 50% of all journal citations. In her study of graduate biology students, Walcott (1994) found that the top 22 titles covered 50% of all citations. Cover Letter? The current research reveals a total of 77 journals (14%) accounted for writing paper 80% of all citations, which is very comparable to the findings of Brazzeal and happy essay, Fowler (2005) who found that 70 journals accounted for 80% of the citations. The researcher found a total of 77 titles out of the 546 individual journals (14%) were cited only once. In her study of graduate students and writing paper, faculty use of biological sources, Pancheshnikov (2007) found that 50% of journal titles in people essay, faculty publications and writing, 45% from student theses were cited only once. Ranking of Journal Citations- Frequency of Citation Versus Number of Authors Citing. When conducting a citation analysis, a well accepted method for determining core journal lists is to rank journals by frequency of citations (Kuruppu Moore 2008; Kraus 2005; LaBonte 2005; Walcott 1994).

However, Williams and Fletcher (2006) assert in their study of engineering graduate students' citations that multiple citations of a title by a single author can affect the rankings of journal. This study examined the rankings of journals by frequency and by number of authors citing and found variations in the order of rank. Table 3 includes the top 46 titles by frequency of citation (8.4%) that covers 50.4% of all journal citations in essay its relevance, this study. The table also shows the percentage of total authors who cite a particular journal in the list. Table 4 includes a rank order of journal titles by number of authors citing. Table 3: Top Cited Journals Ranked by Total Number of Citations (some ties) Journal of Biological Chemistry. Proceedings of the writing an argumentative National Academy of Sciences. Journal of Experimental Biology. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Journal of government essays, Comparative Physiology B. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, integrative comparative physiology. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Canadian Journal of Zoology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Genes and Development. Molecular and Cellular Biology. Plant Molecular Biology. Journal of Fish Biology.

Journal of Chemical Ecology. Journal of Comparative Physiology A. Journal of Ecology. Comparative Biochemistry Physiology A: Molecular Integrative Physiology. Nucleic Acids Research. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. Journal of Experimental Zoology. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences. Trends in Plant Science.

American Journal of Botany. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B. Table 4: Journals Ranked by Number of an argumentative, Authors Citing (total # authors= 25) Number of government essays, Citing Authors. Percentage of Total Authors.

Proceedings of the an argumentative National Academy of Sciences. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Canadian Journal of Zoology. Journal of Experimental Biology. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Genes and Development.

Molecular and Cellular Biology. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. Nucleic Acids Research. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. In this study, a total of cover letter, 333 (61%) of the 546 journals are cited by only one author, although they may be cited more than once by that author. (See Table 5). Table 5: Number of Citing Authors Compared to Number of Cited Journals.

Percentage of Total Journals. Of the 2,340 total journal citations, the average (mean) age of journal citations for writing paper biology masters theses at Carleton University was 10.6 years. Thesis For Animal? The median age was 8 years, and an argumentative, the mode (the most frequently occurring age) was 4 years old. This is very similar to the results of its relevance, Kraus' study of undergraduate biology majors (Kraus 2004) where the average age was 10.65 years. Kuruppu and Moore (2008) stated results in paper, a different way: 90% of the citations (all formats) were less than 24 years old, and the oldest citation was 173 years old. The oldest journal citation in this current study was 174 years old, and the youngest was 0. (i.e. citation was from the year the essay contest student published his/her thesis). Percentage of an argumentative, Journals Accessible by Carleton Library Catalogue. Crotteau (1997) examined the citation patterns of faculty in the Department of Biology at University of North Carolina. He found that 65% of total journal citations had complete library holdings, 23% had partial holdings, and 12% had no holdings. Williams and Fletcher (2006) found local library holdings for 82% of journals cited in engineering theses.

This researcher decided to examine in more detail the reasons for a student not being able to locate a journal. In other words, instead of stating the library had partial holdings, the researcher studied just what a partial holding meant. When a journal article cited was not shown to be in essays, the Carleton University Library catalogue, it was marked CU-N. The citation was further marked as Don't Have, Used to writing an argumentative, Have, Have Now, and asia business essay, Don't Have That Year. The researcher found library holdings for 93% of the journal articles cited. Of the 2,340 total journal citations, there were 170 incidents (7% of total) where Carleton did not have the journal paper required. Writing Paper? Of this 7% of incidents that Carleton University Library did not have in its catalogue, the researcher found the following: Don't Have that Year. The following table shows the frequency of the asia business top five journal citations that were not found in an argumentative, the Library catalogue:

Table 7: Top Journal Citations Not Available in Library Catalogue. Frequency of CU-N. (out of 2340 total cit) Environmental Toxicology and what makes people, Chemistry. Biochemical Society Transactions.

Cell Death and Differentiation. Top Ranking Journals by Research Area. Carleton University's Biology Department divides their research into four main areas: Cell and Molecular Biology; Ecology, Evolution and paper, Behavior; Biochemistry and Physiology; and Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (Carleton Biology Department 2009). Essay? The following table breaks down the 25 graduate theses by research area: Table 8: Graduate Research Areas (Biological Sciences) at an argumentative paper, Carleton University. Cell Molecular Biology. Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Biochemistry and Physiology. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. Because biotechnology and divided government essays, bioinformatics were not represented in writing an argumentative paper, theses for masters students in the time period studied, the researcher will focus on the three remaining research areas. (Biotechnology and bioinformatics was being studied by PhD students during that time period).

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of some of the theses papers, some dissertations could fall into more than one category which could skew the journal frequency results. (For example, theses that focused on thesis, the molecular biology of plants cited plant-specific journals, which may not necessarily always be labeled top-ranking in Cell and writing an argumentative, Molecular Biology). Essay Women? Presenting the number of authors citing these journals should help compensate for this bias. Table 9: Top Ranking Journals in Cell and Molecular Biology Theses. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Proceedings of the National Academy of writing an argumentative, Sciences. Plant Molecular Biology.

Table 10: Journals Ranked by Number of Authors Citing: Cell and Molecular Biology (8 authors total) (some ties) Number of Citing Authors. Percentage of Total Authors. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Genes and Development. Molecular and Cellular Biology. Nucleic Acids Research. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Trends in Cell Biology. Table 11: Top Ranking Journals in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Theses (some ties) Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Journal of Experimental Biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution. Journal of Chemical Ecology. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. Journal of Ecology. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Journal of thesis research paper, Comparative Physiology A. Table 12: Journals Ranked by Number of an argumentative paper, Authors Citing: Ecology, Evolution and essays, Behavior (9 authors total) (some ties) Number of Citing Authors (9 max) Percentage of Total Authors. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Canadian Journal of Zoology. Journal of Applied Ecology. Table 13: Top Ranking Journals in Biochemistry and Physiology Theses (some ties) Journal of Biological Chemistry. Journal of Experimental Biology. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Journal of Comparative Physiology B. Table 14: Journals Ranked by Number of Authors Citing: Biochemistry and Physiology (8 authors total) (some ties)

Number of Citing Authors (8 max) Percentage of Total Authors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. Biochemical Society Transactions. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Journal of Biological Chemistry. Journal of Experimental Biology. Carleton University Library is doing well in terms of writing an argumentative, periodical library holdings. Essay Contest Women? Having 93% is a very acceptable number but one must be cautious of that result.

Citation analysis only measures what students used in their formal research. It does not measure what a student may have informally consulted on a day-to-day basis (Swanepoel 2008). Citation analysis is unable to show what a student decided not to use because of paper, its unavailability in the library. Because Carleton University is located in the national capital, further research should be undertaken to examine how many journal citations unavailable in Carleton's library were obtainable at nearby University of Ottawa. Asia Business? Since graduate students frequently use Google and Google Scholar, and as the open access movement continues to grow, further research is needed to determine how many journal citations were available through open access or from an open archive. Although citation analysis is a useful tool for determining collection development needs, it is not without its challenges. It became quite clear that a few students need more help creating their reference lists.

Verifying whether or not a citation was in the catalogue became more time-consuming than expected because of incorrect dates and incorrect or incomplete journal titles. For example, a title with parts A, B and C can be in three different journals. Leaving some of the title information out paper, of the thesis testing paper citation necessitates more investigation by the researcher to get the correct reference. However, students were not always the an argumentative ones at fault. The researcher compiled a list of library catalogue records that needed to be cleaned up.

This could mean anything from sheet for resume, duplicate records to incorrect dates in the catalogue. Although these various delays were for a small percentage of citations, it is important to take note of the potential time consumed for those interested in pursuing similar projects. Citation analysis has the benefit of finding trends that can help determine what databases and other library tools need to be promoted in the library. Because of the challenges found in incomplete journal references, the researcher plans to work more with biology students and faculty regarding proper citation formatting and writing paper, will further promote bibliographic management programs such as RefWorks. How do the results of this study affect future collection development?

Strained collection budgets sometimes force librarians to cover for resume, make difficult cancellation decisions. The researcher now has core journal lists within specific biological fields by frequency of citation and by writing an argumentative paper number of cover sheet letter, times an author cites a resource. Using these lists in conjunction with lists produced by Journal Citation Reports can help a librarian determine what should stay in the collection while maintaining equality throughout the various subfields. Finding out why a student is paper not able to for animal testing, locate a journal in the catalogue is more beneficial than only writing paper, knowing that the library has full, partial, or no holdings. The researcher discovered it very valuable to oil gas its relevance, organize journal citations that were not in the catalogue into categories of Don't Have, Used to an argumentative paper, Have, Have Now and Don't Have That Year. What People? It is frustrating for a patron to not find a journal title needed for his/her research. It is even more infuriating when the journal title is in the catalogue, but not the particular year the patron needs. Why does the library not have a specific year? Do we need to writing paper, consider a back file purchase? Should we revisit a cancelled subscription? The researcher now has a list of the top journal titles that were not available in the library catalogue, the number of times students were not able to access, reasons why they were not able to access, and essay women, the number of students trying to access those titles.

The librarian can use this information to determine the requirement to purchase a back file or to writing an argumentative, revisit a cancelled subscription. Knowing the age of conservation life, citations is valuable when examining space requirements for the library. Like many other institutions, space is at a premium at Carleton University Library and writing an argumentative, there is pressure to weed or move things to a storage facility located on campus. Libraries can purchase electronic back files of journal collections and move the divided government older hardcopy equivalents into storage (or weed entirely) to free up much needed space in the library. Nabe and an argumentative, Imre (2008) studied plant biology and zoology dissertations and found that many journal citations were older than 12 years. The current research found similar averages of essay contest women, 10.6 years. These numbers can be starting points for writing paper examining specific back file collections.

Various questions of essay oil gas, hardcopy versus electronic would still have to be sorted out by libraries (e.g. sometimes the print version is the more complete copy and should remain in the library). Similar citation studies of undergraduate, doctoral and faculty papers would help to give a fuller picture of what is writing needed in order to move hardcopy journals to another location and replace with electronic back files. This particular study only focused on journal citations, but it would be very useful to further examine book citations used by students and faculty to ensure the library is meeting their monographic needs. For Animal Testing Research? Eleven percent of writing paper, theses citations were to books (including annuals). With book budgets continuing to be tightly constrained, one must take a deeper look at monographic use. Science students and faculty traditionally use more journals than books, but the essay contest monographs that are purchased are usually much more expensive than those purchased for humanities and social science disciplines. E-book packages are becoming a more popular (but expensive) option for libraries and many are geared toward the sciences. An Argumentative? Are patrons using books that come in e-book format? Citation analysis and data abstracted from e-book collections are useful tools to examine the book needs of essay contest women, students and faculty. Interlibrary loan statistics are valuable tools in collection management and could also be used to determine what journals, books and other formats are being found in paper, another location.

The researcher agrees with the findings of essay women, Williams and Fletcher (2006) that although journal rankings are traditionally performed using total number of citations, the ranking by number of authors citing a source can make a difference when compiling core journal lists. As Feyereisen and an argumentative paper, Spoiden (2009) point out, libraries may need to visit alternatives such as interlibrary loans and business council, pay-per-view options for infrequently used titles. Research on number of authors citing a source gives a librarian pause to think about what to do in writing an argumentative paper, future situations when a professor or student requests a particular journal. Are very few people going to use a resource many times? During times of for animal testing research paper, fiscal restraint, the library may need to remind itself that building collections should serve the majority of the needs of the greatest number of people.

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Using citation analysis to determine the use of information sources in divided government, the humanities by postgraduate students in the health and biomedical sciences: A case study. IFLA Conference Proceedings. [Internet]. Writing Paper? [Cited December 17, 2010]. Available from: Sylvia, M.J. 1998. Citation analysis as an unobtrusive method for journal collection evaluation using psychology student research bibliographies . Collection Building 17(1): 20-28. Thomson Reuters. 2010a.

Journal citation reports. New York: Thomson Reuters. Walcott, R. 1994. Local citation studies - a shortcut to asia business council, local knowledge . Science Technology Libraries 14(3): 1-14.

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Resumen de Roma Antigua Monarquia Republica Ejercito Romano. ACLARACION: Esto es un sucinto resumen de la historia del pueblo romano realizado con el solo objeto de dar al lector una somera idea de lo acontecido en aquella etapa de la humanidad. Writing? (puedes ampliar los temas) Origen: -800 un pueblo llamado etruscos, del norte de Italia, luego en el -600 los latinos y sabinos vencieron a los etruscos. La historia de Roma se divide en tres etapas: Existia un rey con poderes religiosos, y un Senado con poderes politicos. For Resume? La leyenda dice que en -750 Romulo y Remo fueron dos ninos abandonados por su madre y que una loba los amamanto hasta que ya grandes decidieron fundar una ciudad. An Argumentative? Para decidir quien seria el Rey, ambos hermanos pelearon hasta la muerte de Remo. Asia Council? Romulo fundo la ciudad y la llamo Remo en honor a su hermano. An Argumentative Paper? Para habitarla realizo una gran fiesta invitando a los sabinos de la zona junto a sus mujeres, las cuales fueron raptadas por los romanos y obligadas a procrear ninos. En el -600, cuando los latinos vencieron a los etruscos el poder del rey disminuyo y el Senado concentro todo el poder para dirigir este pueblo. Thesis Research? ( ampliar tema sobre la monarquia ) El poder residia en el Senado, generalmente compuesto por los hombres mas anciano , por ende, mas sabios de la ciudad, que ocupaban su cargo de por vida.

Se realizan Asambleas publicas donde los ciudadanos podian intervenir y opinar en las decisiones politicas. Habia magistraturas , sin remuneracion y reelectas cada ano. Estaban los: Consules, Pretores, Censores, Dictador, Tribunos. Writing Paper? Para ellos era un gran honor ser elegidos para desempenar tareas que pudieran decidir sobre el futuro de Roma. Estos eran asesorados por el Senado. Patricios, que pertenecian a la aristocracia pues su ancestros eran los fundadores de Roma, y gozaban de todos los privilegios politicos, sociales y religiosos. Council? Eran los padres de Roma. Plebeyos (sign. An Argumentative Paper? Multitud) se refiere al pueblo, y no tenian derechos. Thesis Testing Research? No podian elegir a sus gobernantes, menos ocupar cargos.

No recibian tierras en los repartos. Writing Paper? No tenian protecciones legales. En esta etapa de Roma se desarrollas las luchas entre estas dos clases sociales para logran la igualdad de derechos. Divided Government? En esa epoca no habia leyes escritas. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Unas de las medidas tomadas por los plebeyos, fue el de su alejamiento total de la ciudad, hacia un monte, dejandola desierta. Las primeras reformas fueron la publicacion de la: Ley de las 12 Tablas en el -450, donde se mejoran las condiciones de los plebeyos, permitiendoles ocupar algunos cargos politicos, los Tribunos de la Plebe.

El Foro Romano era el lugar publico donde se discutian en Asamblea las decisiones de estado. What? Tambien habia actividades religiosas, se hacian negocios y se paseaba. Paper? Estaba rodeado de templos en honor a sus dioses y arcos de triunfos para recordar las victorias. Tambien en esta etapa comienza la verdadera expansion, aqui Roma alcanza dominar el mayor territorio de su historia. Guerras Punica : fue contra la exitosa Cartago al norte de Africa. Essays? Las luchas comenzaron en el -220 y duraron casi 20 anos. Writing Paper? Anibal dirigia el ejercito cartagines y decidio combatir a los romanos en su propia ciudad. Conservation Life? Para ello formo un poderoso ejercito formando por 40000 soldados, con 40 elefantes africanos preparados para aplastar todo lo que se le cruzara en el camino.

Cruzo los Alpes desde Espana y entro a Italia. An Argumentative Paper? Tuvo un enorme desgaste militar debido al inhumano esfuerzo y como no recibio apoyo militar desde Cartago fue vencido por el general romano Escipion, conocido como el africano por el color negro de su piel. Mas tarde Roma continuo con la expansion hacia oriente y conquisto el mayor territorio de su historia. Thesis For Animal? Muchos pueblos antes tan poderoso ejercito, no luchaba y trataba de conseguir alguna ventaja. Writing Paper? Roma no los sometia, pero le exigia el pago de tributos. Essay Oil Gas? Esa zona conquistada era agregada como provincia del estado, inclusive a veces esos pueblos no conseguian la ciudadania romana, perdiendo los consecuentes derechos.

Las luchas por los derechos civiles contra los patricios continuaron. Writing Paper? Ahora llegan dos grandes hombres que lucharon con toda su pasion para mejorar la vida y condicion de los plebeyos. Contest? (-130) Ellos fueron los hermanos Graco, Tiberio y Cayo, Tribunos de la Plebe , que con su gran poder de oratoria lograron un reparto mas equitativo de las tierras conquistada y un precio mas bajo de las semillas de trigo. Writing An Argumentative Paper? De todas maneras cuando las exigencias fueron en aumento, los hermanos fueron asesinados. En este proceso de luchas civiles se forman dos grupos: uno los populares que defendian los cambios y otros los optimates que eran conservadores enemigos de cualquier mejora para los pobres. What Makes Essay? Por los primeros estaba Mario y Sila por los otros. El ejercito era una institucion muy importante para el mantenimiento del orden, control y sostenimiento en las magistraturas en el gobierno de los generales victoriosos, para algunos era muy importante incorporar los plebeyos al ejercito. Luego de sangrientas luchas internas, Sila vencio a Mario y durante su gobierno Sila tomo medidas que quitaron poder a los tribunos de la plebe y fortalecieron el poder del tradicional Senado. Writing Paper? (-80) Ahora la brecha entre ricos y pobres fue cada vez mas grande, mientras los patricios duenos del poder hacian ostentacion de sus lujos y poder, el pueblo cada vez mas pobre, sufria diariamente las tristes consecuencias.

Para ellos el Estado repartio mucho trigo y realizaba espectaculos para entretener a los desocupados. What Happy? Pan y Circo era el lema. Vespaciano en el -80 construyo el Coliseo Romano con capacidad para 50.000 personas y le llevo 10 anos. Tambien hubo sublevaciones de esclavos debido a la crueldad con que eran tratados. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Ellos no querian la libertad pero si una mejora en su trato. For Animal Testing Research Paper? El mas famoso fue Espartaco, que formo un poderoso ejercito y logro mantener en vilo a los romanos durante 2 anos. Writing? (-70) Cualquier familia tenia de 4 6 esclavos.

No valian nada. For Resume? Un podia llegar tener 20000. Writing Paper? Muchos eran cultos y ensenaban a los ninos. Divided Government? Tambien tenian profesiones como zapateros, herreros, sastres, etc. Retiario con una red y horquilla de 3 puntas Tracio Sanmita los mas protegidos. Los comerciantes importaban muchas mercaderias: Vinos de Francia. Aceite y Maderas de Espana.

Hierro de Alemania. Cristales de Siria. Cereales de Egipto. Eran largos y peligrosos viajes. Durante el -100, donde las luchas civiles eran constantes, se observo que no conducian a nada y solo se peleaba para disputarse el poder sin pensar en la grandeza de Roma.

Tambien vieron que semejante territorio no podia se gobernada por estas instituciones republicanas, por lo tanto en el -60 se decidio concentrar el poder en un triunvirato formado por Craso, un rico comerciante, Pompeyo un general victorioso en Africa y Julio Cesar un patricio con honores. Las luchas por el poder comenzaron nuevamente. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Estando alejado Julio Cesar , Pompeyo se declaro Consul unico con el apoyo del Senado. Makes People Essay? Enterado de esto Cesar con su gran ejercito ataca a Roma, y lo vence en la batalla de Farsalia. An Argumentative? Craso habia muerto y Julio Cesar queda como unico gobernante de la republica. Ejercio el cargo de Imperator perpetuo. Reforzo el Senado, coloco a algunos amigos.

Tuvo el apoyo de todas la legiones, y fue el jefe del ejercito. Decidio sobre la paz o la guerra. Ejercio el poder de los Censores. Favorecio a los plebeyos, entregando tierras y cereales baratos. Modifico el calendario utilizado durante 1500 anos. For Resume? (Juliano) En marzo de -44 mediante una conspiracion organizada por su hijastro Bruto, fue asesinado con 3? apunaladas en las puertas del Senado . En esta etapa, cuando Cesar se dirige hacia Egipto para vencer a Pompeyo, conoce a Cleopatra . Writing Paper? Alli se enamoran, y Cesar asesina a Ptolomeo hermano de Cleopatra, quedando esta en el poder.

Luego de Cesar, se crea un segundo triunvirato formado por: Octavio, hijo adoptivo de Cesar. Ambos jefes de la caballeriza de Cesar. Al poco tiempo nuevamente las luchas por el poder re comenzaron. Cover Sheet Letter? Octavio vence a Marco Antonio en la batalla de Accio en el -31. Writing Paper? Marco Antonio habia rechazado casarse con la hermana de Octavio, Octavia y se habia enamorado de Cleoptara. Cover Letter? Vencido Marco Antonio, Cleopatra al ver que no podia negociar con Octavio, decidio matarse con la mordedura de una serpiente venenosa.

Octavio recibio el apoyo de los sectores mas ricos e importantes de la ciudad y se convirtio en el unico dueno del poder. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Se hizo llamar emperador, para no usar el nombre de rey, ya que el pueblo odiaba la monarquia. Cover? Tambien se agrego el nombre de Augusto, que significa sagrado, que tenia una mision divina. El ejercito fue fortalecido y mejorado. Writing An Argumentative? Comenzaron a vivir en las fronteras, viviendo en campamentos. Government? Los ciudadanos debian servir a Roma durante 20 anos en el mismo. Writing? Octavio tenia su guardia personal, llamada guardia pretoriana. For Animal Testing Paper? La Legiones estaban formadas por 50 centurias, fuertemente equipadas y adiestradas.

Caminaban 30 km. Paper? Por dia, con un gran peso. Nace en Belen Jesucristo. Consolidado el poder unipersonal, comienza la ultima etapa de Roma, conocida como el imperio. What Makes People Happy Essay? Muerto Octavio, comienza la familia Julia-Claudia hasta el 70 d.c. Writing? Tiberio fue el primero de ellos, luego Caligula, Claudio y Neron. Luego: Flavios, Antoninos, Severos.

Bajo Trajano el imperio alcanzo la maxima extension. Asia Business? (120) Adriano construyo el muro que lleva su nombre en el norte de Inglaterra, al ver que no podia vencer a los celtas. An Argumentative? Tardo 80 anos. What Makes People? Tiene 120 km. An Argumentative Paper? De la largo, por 5 m. Oil Gas Conservation Life? De alto, y posee 80 torres para la vigilancia de la zona. En el 230 Dioclesiano, reparte el territorio en 4 zonas con un gobernador en cada una de las mismas, con la finalidad de mejorar el control de las fronteras.

En 300 asume Constantino, que acaba con los gobernadores y unifica nuevamente el poder, porque para los romanos el imperio crecia cuando el poder se concentraba en una sola persona. Writing An Argumentative? Funda Constantinopla en Turquia. Constantino se hizo catolico y decreto al cristianismo como la religion oficial. En el foro discutian los temas de estado, y era el centro de la ciudad. Las casas eran altas, de varias plantas y se encontraban muy cercas unas de otras. Divided Government Essays? La basura era arrojada en las calles, las cuales eran muy sucias. Paper? Algunas tenian un sistema de calefaccion por losa radiante. Eran muy sociales y se encontraban en los bares a beber vino y discutir. Council Essay? Ellos estudiaban en arte de la oratoria y retorica. Eran politeistas y su principal dios era Jupiter el padre de todos los demas. An Argumentative? Aparecieron otros como Baco el dios del vino, Vestra la diosa del hogar.

El emperador consultaba a los dioses mediante “ augur “, que se dedicaban a interpretar los caprichosos mensajes de estos. La familia tradicional romana estaba constituida por el padre, su mujer, dos o tres hijos o hijas, los esclavos domesticos y los antiguos esclavos, ahora liberados, denominados libertos. Cover? Se trata de una familia absolutamente patriarcal donde el pater familias controla todo el poder sobre los demas miembros asi como la disponibilidad de los bienes que poseen. An Argumentative Paper? La familia sera uno de los elementos esenciales de la sociedad romana. Las mujeres ensenaban a sus hijas el arte de la casa, como tejer, coser, cocinar y cuidar la llama de Vesta. Government Essays? Tambien manejaban a los esclavos en la casas.

No participaban en la vida politica, inclusive ni opinaban en esos temas frente a sus maridos. Cuando se casaban el marido entraba en brazos a su amada, pues le aseguraba un vida feliz. Writing Paper? El padre de la novia debia entregar una dote al marido, que este debia devolver en caso de que la mujer abandonase a su marido, lo cual estaba permitido. Essay Contest? Se casaban muy jovenes a los 12 anos. Vestian una toga y sandalias en los pies. An Argumentative Paper? Las mujeres usaban adornos en el pelo como peinetas, broches, aros y pulseras. Essay Contest? El color morado en la toga indicaba que ocupaba un cargo publico. Comian acostados en lechos con lugar para tres, y las fiestas eran verdaeras orgias interminables. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Cuando estaba llenos , vomitaban en lugares preparados para ello y seguian comiendo hasta “reventar”. For Animal Research? Algunos han muerto.

Los ninos acomodados iban a la escuela y se le ensenaba a hablar bien , pues se aseguraban un cargo politico en el futuro. Writing An Argumentative Paper? Muchos esclavos cultos tenian esta funcion en el hogar. Essay Women? Los mas pobres trabajaban ayudando a su padre. Writing An Argumentative? Usaban el abaco para contar y escribian en tablillas de cera. Al morir se les labraba en la piedra la profesion que realizaban en la vida.

Conocian el cemento, el arco de medio punto como elemento estructural y realzaron grandes acueductos para el transporte de agua. La diversion con mayusculas del mundo romano es el circo o los juegos circenses. Letter? Los altos dignatarios, con el sitio reservado, accedian al recinto cuando ya estaba lleno, momento en que la muchedumbre manifestaba su cercania o lejania de los representantes populares. A continuacion se sorteaban las parejas de luchadores, se examinaban las armas y se procedia al calentamiento. An Argumentative? Cuando estaba todo preparado se iniciaba el combate que solia ser a muerte. Asia Council Essay? Si uno de los luchadores caia, el vencedor se volvia al palco del editor -quien sufragaba los juegos- para que dictara sentencia: el caido podia vivir o morir alli mismo con un simple movimiento de dedo. Writing Paper? En muchos casos la valentia con la que se luchaba era un acicate para salvar la vida en este delicado momento. Government Essays? Pero uno de los principales motivos del espectaculo era la sangre de los gladiadores, que llego a ser considerada como un remedio para curar la epilepsia. La presencia de esclavos y esclavas en los hogares seria uno de los motivos de la libertad sexual con los que se relaciona el mundo romano. An Argumentative? Esta presunta libertad sexual estaria intimamente relacionada con el amplio desarrollo de la prostitucion. Cover Letter For Resume? Como en buena parte de las epocas historicas, en Roma las prostitutas tenian que llevar vestimentas diferentes, tenirse el cabello o llevar peluca amarilla e inscribirse en un registro municipal.

No en balde, Caton el Viejo dice que “es bueno que los jovenes poseidos por la lujuria vayan a los burdeles en vez de tener que molestar a las esposas de otros hombres”. En el ano 1 existe un registro con 32.000 prostitutas que estaban recogidas, habitualmente, en burdeles llamados lupanares, lugares con licencia municipal cercanos a los circos y anfiteatros o aquellos lugares donde el sexo era un complemento de la actividad principal: tabernas, banos o posadas. El caracter recopilatorio de la ciencia continuo en los anos centrales del Imperio siendo su mejor ejemplo la obra de Cayo Plinio el Viejo , (23-79), autor de la “Historia Natural” recogida en 37 libros. An Argumentative? El trabajo de Plinio es la mejor recopilacion de los conocimientos relacionados con las ciencias naturales -medicina, astronomia, geografia, antropologia-. For Resume? Otro de los investigadores mas importantes de estos anos sera Seneca, escritor muy fecundo que se dedico a numerosas disciplinas, incluso fue educador de Neron. Escribio siete libros sobre “Cuestiones naturales” que sirven como medio de conocimiento de la divinidad.

Entre los principales matematicos y astronomos encontramos a Claudio Ptolomeo, compilador de las ensenanzas de la escuela de Alejandria. Writing Paper? Volvio al sistema geocentrico de Aristoteles y se dejo influir por las supersticiones de su tiempo al considerar que los cuerpos celestes influyen en el destino de los seres humanos. Essays? Su obra titulada “Almagesto” fue la mas importante del campo astronomico hasta el siglo XV. En la medicina destaca la personalidad de Claudio Galeno (129-principios del siglo III) del que conservamos mas de cien trabajos que serian traducidos en la Edad Media por arabes y judios. Paper? Su obra “Arte Medica” seria durante un largo tiempo considerada el mejor manual de medicina, continuando las ensenanzas de Hipocrates y la gran medicina griega. Ciceron : Padre de Patria, al descubrir la conspiracion de Catalinia, contra Pompeyo, miembro del primer triunvirato, en -63. Council Essay? Fue un republicano.

Conocio la tumba de Arquimedes en Siracusa. Writing? Fue asesinado por miembros del segundo triunvirato, su cabeza cortada y colgada en una tribuna.

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alex resume parsing Rchilli Resume Parser Web Services India 3.0 accept all formats of Resumesaˆ“ DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML any one can call this service and pass the URL of resume . Writing An Argumentative Paper? RChilli - Resume Parser aˆ“ Web API mode is more popular and more used by the Job Portals and mainly used for Web Application like Job Sites, Social Networking Web. Free download of contest Web API 3.0, size 10.49 Mb. Rchilli Resume Parser Web Services India 3.1 accept all formats of Resumes aˆ“ DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML. RChilli - Resume Parser aˆ“ Web API mode is an unmatched product for paper Job Portals and essay conservation its relevance life, Web Application. The distinguished feature opf API is that it can be used in real time scenario. The data can be posted at interface using. Writing Paper? Free download of people happy Web API Sample Code 3 1, size 10.49 Mb. Rchilli Desktop Resume Parser 3.2 Rchilli Inc.Resume Parsing Company.

RChilli desktop has been designed to address the problem of resume processing for writing paper small and medium staffing, recruitment companies and HR departments in small firms. RChilli's desktop, leverage technology to automate the process of extraction and transfer of resume data into any database or ATSRChilli desktop has been designed to address the. Free download of Rchilli Desktop Resume Parser 3.2, size 5.00 Kb. Government? Rchilli Resume Parser 3 1 Rchilli Resume Parser. A beyond comparable and progressive parsing solution, Rchilli Cv parser helps the recruiting/staffing organizations to automate their resume management by saving time, money and resources.

Rchilli Desk top parser is one stop solution for HR Corporate, Staffing companies, Freelancer recruiters, ATS developers and jobboards to manage the incoming. Free download of Rchilli Resume Parser 3 1, size 20.97 Mb. Rchilli Desktop Recruiting Software 3.0 Rchilli Resume Parser. A beyond comparable and progressive parsing solution, Rchilli Desktop helps the an argumentative recruiting/staffing organizations to automate their resume management through saving time, money and resources. Rchilli Desk top soundly looks to see if the divided government resume is in the body or the attachment and writing paper, then scrutinize, parse and export from your POP3 server to the. Thesis For Animal Testing Research Paper? Free download of Rchilli Desktop Recruiting Software 3.0, size 20.97 Mb. ResumeGrabber Suite 2011 eGrabber Inc. ResumeGrabber Suite mass imports resumes from an argumentative paper, Google and asia council, other search engine results, free resume portals, Outlook email folders, PC folders and more. An Argumentative Paper? ALEX Desktop is an innovative and unique parsing solution that offers recruiters and other staffing professionals the ability to cover letter, leverage Microsoft Outlook and manage all resumes, contacts, and candidates through their existing contacts folder. Put simply, ALEX runs within Outlook to convert all resume attachments into Outlook Contacts (vCards)..

Free download of writing an argumentative ALEX Desktop 2.3, size 29.43 Mb. ContentSmartz Email Parser 2 ContentSmartz Email Spider Software. Essay Contest? Email Parser from writing paper, ContentSmartz is an email finder, which searches for email addresses on a targeted keyword from the internet. You can build your own targeted consumer or business mailing lists with this email software. Email Parser is a very easy-to-use email address finding utility for essay business promotion and advertising. Use keywords for writing an argumentative paper address. Free download of ContentSmartz Email Parser 2, size 1.34 Mb.

Easy Resume Creator Pro 4.12 Sarm Software. Easy Resume Creator Pro helps you create a resume and cover letters that match your current career level, background and career objectives, and makes people happy essay, deliverthose to multitudes of an argumentative paper employers seeking just the qualifications you possess. The following tools assist you in building your career path. - Resume creation wizard - guides you step-by-step through. Free download of Easy Resume Creator Pro 4.12, size 16.06 Mb. Best Resume is a powerful resume creation tool for divided job-seekers! The Best Resume saves you money and time. It does the work for you and creates your customized professional visually exciting resume in just 15 minutes! It personalizes you in the workplace by describing your exact skills, job tasks and work experience. An Argumentative? In the job search process, a. Free download of Best Resume 3, size 1.22 Mb.

Are you actively looking for a job, and need to send your resume to prospective employers? Have your Curriculum Vitae and want to make it into asia council essay a great looking resume? Create a professional looking resume with cover letter with the help of Resume Builder.With more than fifteen styles and numerous professionally designed templates to choose from,. Free download of Resume Builder 4.8.0, size 13.54 Mb. Log Parser is writing paper, a very powerful, free and versatile tool that provides universal query access to text-based data, such as log files, XML files, and CSV files, as well as key data sources on the Microsoft Windows operating system, such as the asia council essay event log, IIS log, the registry, the file system, and the Active Directory directory service.Becouse the. Freeware download of Log Parser Lizard 1.0, size 5.13 Mb. Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser 1.14G-10 Com1 Software, Incorperated.

The X12 Parser allows you to convert X12 837 claimsor 835 remittance files into a CSV or XML file.It is designed to be used either on the desktopor can be called from another application to writing, convertan X12 file into essay oil gas its relevance life a CSV file.It also allows users to display and print. the writing an argumentative contents of standard ANSI X12 837,277,835,864, and 997 files in a. Free download of Model C1D0F252 X12 Parser 1.14G-10, size 1.52 Mb. Interactive Resume Builder 2004.6 Higher Math. Interactive Resume Builder by Higher Math helps you to document your job assignments. skills and research paper, training. An Argumentative? The result is a beautifully laid out conservation its relevance interactive html file with hyperlinks to writing paper, important information about your career.

Suitable for posting on your own web site but, even if you don't have a web site, the resume is essay conservation its relevance, completely contained in one. Free download of writing paper Interactive Resume Builder 2004.6, size 1.80 Mb. Cover Sheet For Resume? Resume Manager Pro 3.0.2 Sarm Software. Locate perfect employees among multiple applicants automatically with Resume Manager Pro. Save hours of writing an argumentative hand work by automating resume processing and divided government, management and run complex searches to find an writing paper ideal candidate for a specific position. Resume Manager Pro saves time and asia business essay, increases the productivity of a human resource manager, providing assistance.

Free download of writing paper Resume Manager Pro 3.0.2, size 69.61 Mb. Sarmsoft Resume Builder 4.7.0 Sarm Software. Are you actively looking for a job, and need to send your resume to prospective employers? Have your Curriculum Vitae and want to make it into a great looking resume? Create a professional looking resume with cover letter with the essay women help of Resume Builder.With more than fifteen styles and writing paper, numerous professionally designed templates to choose from,. Free download of Sarmsoft Resume Builder 4.7.0, size 13.55 Mb. Text Template Parser 1.4 Nsasoft LLC. Text Template Parser is essay oil gas conservation life, a data processing automation solution that allows parsing and extracting data from any sort of an argumentative paper documents, web pages, emails, orders, support enquiries or feedback forms. The software allows saving extracted information as Tab Delimited Txt File (.txt), CSV Comma Delimited (.csv), Excel Workbook (.xls), Access Database. Free download of Text Template Parser 1.4, size 1.10 Mb. Alex Gordon 1.1 Alawar Entertainment.

Alex Gordon is unlike other cats: he'd rather scour the planet for ancient artifacts and collect lost coins than enjoy the comforts of modern life. And he gets to do plenty of both in his thrilling debut adventure! He also encounters a lot of what he'd rather do without: dangerous creatures, deadly obstacles and treacherous traps!You'll need every. Free download of Alex Gordon 1.1, size 26.37 Mb. ALEX Toolkit 1.01b LLC. Built on top of HireAbility's proved ALEX rA©sumA© processing technology, ALEX Toolkit give you access to accurate contact information parsing and document conversion into plain text.

You can integrate this technology directly into your application or web page.. Free download of ALEX Toolkit 1.01b, size 43.52 Kb. Syntax Diagram Editor Parser Compiler 2.01.08 VISRAL L.P. Create and Edit Syntax/State Diagrams Graphically with Drag and Drop. Convert EBNF, ABNF, XBNF, and XML EBNF to Syntax Diagrams. Divided Government? Generate Parser/compiler directly from writing an argumentative, Syntax/State/Flow Diagrams.

Convert Syntax Diagrams to EBNF. Generates Intermediate Postfix Output for ease of contest integration . Implements streaming LL. Freeware download of Syntax Diagram Editor Parser Compiler 2.01.08, size 1.66 Mb.

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